First Experiences

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
~ Irish Blessing

There is something to be said about the first time. Somehow or another as well, the first time tends to stand out clearly & vividly in our memories. Our first clearest happy recollection of childhood memories. Our first best friend. Our first crush. Our first love. Our first kiss. Our first real working job.

Of course first memories of many things are bittersweet. Thinking back of one’s first love, and losing her. Thinking back of smiles & warmth of a very close one, who is no longer with us on earth. The whirling of thoughts & emotions when a close workplace friend leaves for greener pastures. Oft the many things that thrilled us tremendously when we were young, but today would no longer nary evoke a feeling.

Massages & Music Boxes
I still recall the first time I went for an oil massage. The dim lights. The massage beds behind individual drawn curtains. The heightened sense of touch as ones eyes were closed. The shocking jolts of pain followed by relief & pleasure. And strangely as well, the damned music of the music box. Playing incessant tunes of yesteryear beat by beat with no lyrics.

First Time Waiting
Also recently was the experience of seeing many others waiting for their first time to be seated to eat. In the land of the bountiful food here, this would appear to be almost a sin. And I find it quite surprising how many people dislike & are against waiting to be seated when the other tables are full. If that were to be combined with extremely slow service then it would surely be a combustious effect in the end.

First is Last, and Last is First
With all that said, things are rarely what they really seem to be. The massage episode ended with, not perfect, but a good enough feeling to the massage & the music box music died away blocked in one’s mind. The slow seating & slow service were replaced with a satisfied smile due to the excellent food & backed by good company & conversation. Our first fall, our first tear, our first heartbreak all serve as irreplaceable lessons in life.

What is your most vivid first experience you can recall?

The Weatherman Always Rains Twice

“Why are people obsessed with the weather? And if you watch the Weather Channel, why?” ~ BlogTalkers #17

Before we begin, it would be good for us to talk on the matter of obsession. Like how some folks are crazy over tickle-me-emos , MyPlace or guns. It is indeed a fine-line between interest & obsession. And a very obvious non-scientific indicator would be when you start thinking of something a lot – during your day & even filling your dreams.

Like it or not, weather remains something that affects each & every one of us. It also serves as an ice-breaker when meeting someone & you don’t have much to talk about. The weather is thus often a much safer choice of conversation topic. We obsess about weather because we can. We get depressed when it rains continuously. We whine when the weather gets unbelievably scorching for days without end. We somehow feel the world is a better place when the skies are blue & the clouds are puffy white.

Another prime reason for weather obsession would be sex. If terrestrial television offered hot nude chicks stripteasing while talking about the weather in each state, you can count on me to be watching the weather channel. Yet of course I’m betting that there are individuals out there who find weather incredibly stimulating. (Hmm… I bet making love in the midst of a storm would be a very interesting experience)

Real World
Back to vanilla, there will be people who watch the weather channel for real world needs. To check on the weather for planning events. To check on weather due to travel for business or pleasure. Or simply to check whether the next day would require the use of brollies. But the Weather Channel today is not merely about checking weather per se. As we get more sophisticated, the Weather Channel has grown as well to include information & documentaries. Sort of like Discovery with a special focus on weather itself.

Simply Weather
With everything said & done, weather is simply still weather. Enjoy the rolling clouds while lying on the green grasses of a hill with a close friend or a loved one. Maybe weather is just there for us to enjoy her.

What is your fav weather & why?

Thinker Tailor

This post is inspired by NeoBluePanther and MsDemmie

Growing Thoughts
Thinking can be said to be as natural as growing up. It is one of the marvels of the world to see a child grow & learn – learning how to think for his or her own self. My niece is currently a bubbly 1 year old and it is amusing to think what goes through her mind as she plays the games children play in a world of their own & yet at the same time in the very same world we are in.

The Individual
As we all fairly know by now, each of us sees things through our own azure tinted glasses. Our thought process, paradigms & rationalizations all come from past experiences be it our own or from stories passed down to us. (Stories being in many forms itself from printed media, blogs or stories we were told as children). Thus all of us see the same objects, the same things, the same issues, and the same world. Yet differently. Thus because we think differently, as humans we open our arms wide to conflict. Definitely not too far of a stretch that someone once uttered wryly “Death solves all problems. No man. No problems”

Yet sometimes things start to get chaotic when occurrences happen beyond our common sense thinking. An example of which would be when we hear that after certain recent sad events, gun laws in the states are possibly moving towards encouraging more people to own weapons… so people can protect themselves. It defies thinking logic in the sense that would not more guns encourage more violence?

Rational Thinking
It is difficult to come to rational thought when our emotions are in itself unstable. When we happen to be let’s say under duress, in the madness of anger or in a highly emotional state. Rational thinking takes a backseat & we tend to more often that not to move under the current perceived “correct” decision – often acting abnormally out of character. The same goes indeed with mob mentality, deviant groups or cults when we think that because everyone is thinking the same way, it must be rational and we are doing the right thing. Only when we actually take a step back, a cool shower, or count to ten that we realize the folly of our irrational thinking.

I Think
We think, therefore we are. We are who & what we make ourselves out to be. Yet let us not be hard set in our views & thoughts. For our mind requires nourishment no matter what age we are. For we need to be able to think & consider. For we need to be able to continue thinking & learning. Quite apt indeed it is to say that those who think more would truly realize how little our thoughts are in the vast ocean of flowing thoughts out there.

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird

Is thinking (a lot) a good or bad thing?


The Past
Hope is the first blessing to focus on with my return to Blog Your Blessings. Hope indeed is something that have kept me going throughout the years – in good times, & in bad times. Approximately 1 year back was a low period for me as those close to me or familiar with the old blog would know. I had basically lost my life savings (savings, trust funds, the whole shebang) at this mid20 age junction, due to a bad business decision which I then left for ethical reasons. And on a different yet hope-related note, would be the decision on where to move towards career-wise.

Why Hope?
In both cases above, hope was one of the primary factors which kept me going. In the former, hope was the knowledge that the financial setback would only be temporary. That I would be able to get my footing back, clawing back up despite the act of picking one’s self up being painful indeed. While the latter would be that career-wise, I am where I am because of hope & believe. That my career choice puts me in a position to make a difference. That despite sacrifices salary-wise, the returns are many-fold in job satisfaction. That and knowing that I am making a positive change in the lives of others.

Speaking of others, it is apt to pass my blessings to a few friends. To a friend who is joining the ranks of the gainfully employed: “That you may be filled with hope, learning & experience in your career”. To a friend who is changing jobs: “That you may find the hope you have been been looking for & find your life’s calling”. To a friend recovering from yet another devastating break-up: “That you never give up hope for despite the cliché, it really is the darkest hour before the sunlight”.

Moving on to a larger view, we need to have hope in our country, our people & our world. We have to hope that despite “fire-fighting” responses only after accidents or incidents occur, perceived lack of common sense & long term planning – that there is hope. That there are people there who will & have given their heart & soul to strive for improvement. People who care to make a difference. To have continued hope that wars & conflict will give way to reason & discussion. That common ideals & the strong majority will be the voice of reason & hope piercing through the misled, misunderstood & trodden. Hope.

A Word of Warning
Of course it would not be fair to leave the topic of hope without a few words of advice. There IS a thing as false hope or to be blunt… lies. There is no point & no reason ever, to give false hope – to save a few tears this minute, but to cause an even more devastating maelstrom later. Hope has to be within reason & sometimes… just sometimes we need to know when to stand our ground or even retreat. Hope does not equate miracles. And let us leave miracles to the saints shall we.

Why do you think we need hope in our lives?


It is indeed time for change. With everything being weighed, a decision was made to move from the previous blog to here & now at WP. The old blog will remain but no longer be updated. has been deleted Don’t think of it as saying goodbye. Say hello.

The funky (ahem) ‘adults only’ chatbox will disappear. No ads as well although I’ve been away from PayPerPost for quite a while. And of course the hassle to all blogs linked to yours truly having to update their bookmarks – my sincere apologies & gratitudes in advance.

More focus will be on writing. And thinking. Thus this would be a better medium or place without the graphics & other misc that clutter (Although we may have grown fond of it). Writings will also become a more personal & have less spam/whimsical posts. Partly as I strongly feel that personal blogs should be only whenever we have something to say.

Other Changes
Life is constantly in movement. Friends are shifting here & there. Career is moving on an interesting path yet not without its frustrations. The days continue to pass by. The falling of leaves. The falling of rain. The consistency of change.

Goodbye & Welcome
It is the end of this post. Yet it is the beginning of this blog. To old friends, its good to see you here. To new friends who have stumbled on this blog – you will have to see for yourself on what goes through these pages & decide whether you will stay. It’s not the world. It’s just a blog. Yet maybe… just maybe it’ll make a small positive change on my life or yours. And then this blog would have achieved its purpose.

What changes have you been through lately?