It is indeed time for change. With everything being weighed, a decision was made to move from the previous blog to here & now at WP. The old blog will remain but no longer be updated. has been deleted Don’t think of it as saying goodbye. Say hello.

The funky (ahem) ‘adults only’ chatbox will disappear. No ads as well although I’ve been away from PayPerPost for quite a while. And of course the hassle to all blogs linked to yours truly having to update their bookmarks – my sincere apologies & gratitudes in advance.

More focus will be on writing. And thinking. Thus this would be a better medium or place without the graphics & other misc that clutter (Although we may have grown fond of it). Writings will also become a more personal & have less spam/whimsical posts. Partly as I strongly feel that personal blogs should be only whenever we have something to say.

Other Changes
Life is constantly in movement. Friends are shifting here & there. Career is moving on an interesting path yet not without its frustrations. The days continue to pass by. The falling of leaves. The falling of rain. The consistency of change.

Goodbye & Welcome
It is the end of this post. Yet it is the beginning of this blog. To old friends, its good to see you here. To new friends who have stumbled on this blog – you will have to see for yourself on what goes through these pages & decide whether you will stay. It’s not the world. It’s just a blog. Yet maybe… just maybe it’ll make a small positive change on my life or yours. And then this blog would have achieved its purpose.

What changes have you been through lately?

21 thoughts on “Change

  1. Good Luck with the new blog – it looks very clean and bright and shiny.

    My biggest recent change is giving up chocolate again after falling off the wagon for a while – and I am already feeling the benefits.

    I will change my link to you !

  2. OI!! Get the cbox back up! And do it before I stuff YungJie into your arse!
    Oh, and the belated translation to my message on your cbox:
    “Btw, where has weisionggoh disappeared to? YungJie is feeling so lonely”

  3. ah… that’s just so sad that the cbox wont be here. must agree with Yungjie that we’ve gotta taint this one no matter what!

    *diabolical laughter…muahahah!*

    hmmm, so keeping the cbox away will just leave a supposedly better not-so-direct impression of you having weird friends (yours truly included… i wun deny that!)

    new changes lately – new specs which i still cant get used to it! making me dizzy @_@

  4. Sometimes we do need to change in order to feel alive
    Changes is the only thing that keeps us all alive
    Will keep an eye here and I’m sure many more will stumble here

  5. Nicola,

    Thanks for the wishes & the link change

    Ahhh… Great for you.

    But… but… isn’t chocolate supposed to be good for health?!

  6. chao,

    head on to the chat

    don’t worry. i’m proud of all my friends. no matter how diabolical or weird they are.

    hmm. higher power with your new pair?

  7. zeroimpact,

    very true words indeed that as humans we crave change. yet at the same time we crave familiarity.

    i think we all need to change & grow – but at a pace that is acceptable to our own selves.

    ps. what’s your (new?) blog url?

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  9. just a very slight change in power. but it’s the frame that’s much smaller than the previous ones. left with a smaller focused area with my specs.

  10. Hey Stev, Love this new blog of yours. Cleaner and much more easier on the eyes. It’s safer to hop to your site now without others giving me odd looks as to the possibility of me lacking off at some porno site. LOL. Just a joke ok. Really missed ya. Really love this new look.

    I am happy you have decided to blog more about your personal thought. Would love to get to know more about you. You are an interesting soul indeed.

    My Answer to your Q: Hope gives us a reason to push on to carry on. Without it, life would have been meaningless and aimless. Just drifting by day in day out. It’s what I have been doing for the past years unfortunately. Just an empty shell drifting through time. Afraid to hope. Cos I’ve encountered too many setbacks, disappointments and frustrations trying to hang on to hope. Yet, I am now giving hope another try. From a different perspective this round. Hope everything ends well.
    Sheesh… I am being melodramatic again *roll eyes* And here I thought I am finally over this stupid stage. LOL

    Stev: Thanks. LOL. Porno site… Well… The SpamBox might give that opinion… +_+

    ps. Answered your thoughts on hope in the appropriate section

  11. Hmm, Ive always thought you had a lot of focus on writing. Beneath that seeming flippancy, lies a deep thinking young man. The splash of pictures, always tasteful, do nothing to bely this initial impression I formed.

    Having said that, change is the only constant. So, here’s to change.


  12. @BunnyWunny: Thanks for the feedback! Didn’t know I was flippant though πŸ˜›

    Cheers! Have a drink on me anytime here. And in RL too when we have a chance to meet πŸ˜‰

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