The Past
Hope is the first blessing to focus on with my return to Blog Your Blessings. Hope indeed is something that have kept me going throughout the years – in good times, & in bad times. Approximately 1 year back was a low period for me as those close to me or familiar with the old blog would know. I had basically lost my life savings (savings, trust funds, the whole shebang) at this mid20 age junction, due to a bad business decision which I then left for ethical reasons. And on a different yet hope-related note, would be the decision on where to move towards career-wise.

Why Hope?
In both cases above, hope was one of the primary factors which kept me going. In the former, hope was the knowledge that the financial setback would only be temporary. That I would be able to get my footing back, clawing back up despite the act of picking one’s self up being painful indeed. While the latter would be that career-wise, I am where I am because of hope & believe. That my career choice puts me in a position to make a difference. That despite sacrifices salary-wise, the returns are many-fold in job satisfaction. That and knowing that I am making a positive change in the lives of others.

Speaking of others, it is apt to pass my blessings to a few friends. To a friend who is joining the ranks of the gainfully employed: “That you may be filled with hope, learning & experience in your career”. To a friend who is changing jobs: “That you may find the hope you have been been looking for & find your life’s calling”. To a friend recovering from yet another devastating break-up: “That you never give up hope for despite the cliché, it really is the darkest hour before the sunlight”.

Moving on to a larger view, we need to have hope in our country, our people & our world. We have to hope that despite “fire-fighting” responses only after accidents or incidents occur, perceived lack of common sense & long term planning – that there is hope. That there are people there who will & have given their heart & soul to strive for improvement. People who care to make a difference. To have continued hope that wars & conflict will give way to reason & discussion. That common ideals & the strong majority will be the voice of reason & hope piercing through the misled, misunderstood & trodden. Hope.

A Word of Warning
Of course it would not be fair to leave the topic of hope without a few words of advice. There IS a thing as false hope or to be blunt… lies. There is no point & no reason ever, to give false hope – to save a few tears this minute, but to cause an even more devastating maelstrom later. Hope has to be within reason & sometimes… just sometimes we need to know when to stand our ground or even retreat. Hope does not equate miracles. And let us leave miracles to the saints shall we.

Why do you think we need hope in our lives?

20 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hi Stev:

    Very thoughtful and thought-provoking post.

    Here in America, we need hope that we can somehow get the level of violence under control and that Virginia Tech will be the last such incident. I live 10 minutes away from the nation’s first schoolyard shooting at Cleveland School in Stockton and can attest to how an incident like that forever changes the community, even though I did not personally lose a loved one.

    My blessings are posted here: http://www.jhsiess.com/2007/04/sunday-scribblings-56-rooted.html

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Hope is what we humans look for and faith is what drives the hope we have inside
    Hope and believe is the most powerful tool to keeps us motivated for what is a man without hope and faith

  3. jhs,

    the violence is indeed shocking & sometimes we do ponder how many more killings is it going to take before there is going to be real change?

    definitely incidents like that send a shocking ripple through the community & changes lives… changes humans in one way or another.

    Glad to hear that & may each & everyone stay safe.

  4. zeroimpact,

    very well said

    and yes hope & faith are often intertwined

    i would define faith though as something we cannot see

    so with hope, faith, believe, knowledge & wisdom we can go far indeed

  5. hope in life keeps you going on. when things doesnt go the way it should be and when life just kicks you down, hope gives courage to self, standing up and walk again.

    hope is the little twinkling light 😉

  6. We need hope, to believe that we can recreate our lives, our relationships, our communities because others share the belief.

  7. We need hope. We create hope when we believe we can recreate ourselves, our relationships, and our communities with others who share that belief.

    This is a nice blog.

  8. chao,

    ahh. so that was what the twinkling light was. i always thought it was a distant satellite 😛

    but agreed. hope does keep us ticking

    the only think worse than death, is the death of hope

  9. sandy,

    thank you

    i like the way you describe hope as that spark. that small thing which grows & makes all things possible.

    hope & believe are powerful indeed.

  10. I am glad to see you are back in the fold for BYB!

    We have to have hope, without hope we have nothing.

    Stev: It’s good to be back in the fold 😉

    Thus without hope we are nothing more than mere zombies?

  11. A very thoughtful post.

    I think I had accidentally posted my reply to your question regarding ‘hope’ into your first post’s comments. Ahehehehe. I can be quite ‘mangkuk’ (blur) sometimes.

    (No worries. I would prefer comments to be bottom rather than up but since the layout is such…)

    My Answer to your Q: Hope gives us a reason to push on to carry on. Without it, life would have been meaningless and aimless. Just drifting by day in day out. It’s what I have been doing for the past years unfortunately. Just an empty shell drifting through time. Afraid to hope. Cos I’ve encountered too many setbacks, disappointments and frustrations trying to hang on to hope. Yet, I am now giving hope another try. From a different perspective this round. Hope everything ends well.
    Sheesh… I am being melodramatic again *roll eyes* And here I thought I am finally over this stupid stage. LOL

    Setbacks are indeed a dismal blow to our great hope. Very glad to hear though that you are pushing forward again. One of the strengths of being human in my opinion.

    Melodramatic? Where? 😛

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