Thinker Tailor

This post is inspired by NeoBluePanther and MsDemmie

Growing Thoughts
Thinking can be said to be as natural as growing up. It is one of the marvels of the world to see a child grow & learn – learning how to think for his or her own self. My niece is currently a bubbly 1 year old and it is amusing to think what goes through her mind as she plays the games children play in a world of their own & yet at the same time in the very same world we are in.

The Individual
As we all fairly know by now, each of us sees things through our own azure tinted glasses. Our thought process, paradigms & rationalizations all come from past experiences be it our own or from stories passed down to us. (Stories being in many forms itself from printed media, blogs or stories we were told as children). Thus all of us see the same objects, the same things, the same issues, and the same world. Yet differently. Thus because we think differently, as humans we open our arms wide to conflict. Definitely not too far of a stretch that someone once uttered wryly “Death solves all problems. No man. No problems”

Yet sometimes things start to get chaotic when occurrences happen beyond our common sense thinking. An example of which would be when we hear that after certain recent sad events, gun laws in the states are possibly moving towards encouraging more people to own weapons… so people can protect themselves. It defies thinking logic in the sense that would not more guns encourage more violence?

Rational Thinking
It is difficult to come to rational thought when our emotions are in itself unstable. When we happen to be let’s say under duress, in the madness of anger or in a highly emotional state. Rational thinking takes a backseat & we tend to more often that not to move under the current perceived “correct” decision – often acting abnormally out of character. The same goes indeed with mob mentality, deviant groups or cults when we think that because everyone is thinking the same way, it must be rational and we are doing the right thing. Only when we actually take a step back, a cool shower, or count to ten that we realize the folly of our irrational thinking.

I Think
We think, therefore we are. We are who & what we make ourselves out to be. Yet let us not be hard set in our views & thoughts. For our mind requires nourishment no matter what age we are. For we need to be able to think & consider. For we need to be able to continue thinking & learning. Quite apt indeed it is to say that those who think more would truly realize how little our thoughts are in the vast ocean of flowing thoughts out there.

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird

Is thinking (a lot) a good or bad thing?

12 thoughts on “Thinker Tailor

  1. I think it’s a good thing when it takes place upon reflection and in solitude over time. I think peace and especially silence are very important to clear thought. The inrush of other opinions and agendas and emotions only contributes to cloudy thought. After a while, though, thought need to be shared with others and tested and revised and let go of. Owned thoughts become prejudices.

    Stev: I am one as well who believes in silence & peace during the thought-making process. Yet of course there are others who appear able to think or even think better with loud music blaring. I like your points on sharing thoughts with others to revise & thus avoid prejudice. Intriguing line of thinking indeed.

  2. Thinking is what defines us in many ways – I do like Sandy’s comment about “owned thoughts becoming prejudices”.

    Stev: We are what we think more than what we eat? But agreed that thoughts form character. And character forms us both mentally & to an extent… physically

  3. Everything in moderation.

    Stev: True. But how does one know when it is enough? And what do you call the moderation of moderation?

  4. Both bad & good.Good being,firstly it gives ur mind an exercise and that it further improves ur life,be it ur well being or the things ard u.after all u cant escape it.

    Bad being, life’s too short to think it through. 😀
    tts y i rarely use my head.hahaha…

    moderation by ur own definition. 😀 no use living ur life with other peepx’s thinking and definitions of moderation right? 😀
    btw how come u nvr tell me of ur blog shift? so bad. tell jack first. i jealous :p

    Stev: Mind-exercise eh? Sex for the brain is always good. Still it seems quite a lot of people fall into either category whether they actively plan for the future or not. And all these people are very well-rounded & well-adjusted peoplemind you.

    You were MIA from the blogosphere wat 😛

  5. Stumbled upon your website and just wanna share alittle with regards to the implementation of gun control rules in the States. You’re in view that the liberacy of weapon possesion inevitably leads to more violence from the sound of it. I feel differently. Should the mens rea of inflicting harm on others be possesing one’s mind, guns only serve as a means connecting that obsession to impulsion. Various other methods besides guns could serve that purpose. Implementing more lenient weapon possesion regulations deems as the government’s subscription to the theory of joining them if you can’t beat them. Think about it: Should just one person among the 32 shot be in possesion of a gun at that pointin time for what ever reason, as rules makes it a norm to be in possesion of a gun equivalent to any accesory usually in possesion bt the citizens. Many would have survived. LEniency to gun control in a developed world is in my opinion well justified. We can’t simply use this one unfortunate and unpredictable incident of an unsound mind as an indicator towards possible contribution to a bigger magnitude of violence…

    Stev: Thank you & a note that your comments are welcome. Well aware that there are reasons towards the train of thought. On a quite related note though, isn’t that a loophole though that one possibly in the incorrect/illogical state of mind still be allowed to purchase guns?

  6. Just as well that in the state on inability to exercise proper judgement, one may well choose to use poison, mass explosives, knives etc to accomplish what he/she had set out to do. gun control in itself serves only to limit one of the the MANY other possibilities avail to the mindset of such strong resentment and will power to harm..

    Stev: I totally agree with that.

  7. Stev, wow… I’m not much of a thinker myself, though I appear to be thinking most of the time. Actually, I don’t know if I’m doing is considered thinking or not. I think I think too much.

    Echoing sneexe: Everything in moderation, Stev. Everything in moderation…

    Stev: Well, sub-conscious thinking *is* still thinking (or at least i think it is :P)

    moderation eh. hmmm. can i apply that to all aspects of my life except my coffee supply? please?

  8. Stopping by on BYB Sunday and having a reread. Interesting. I find that the best way to present an argument is not to. I have a passion for graffiti that some find repulsive, for example. I don’t argue. I simply present graffiti from my perspective on my blog. I hear out the opposition. I take it in and make it mine to better know and understand myself. Thinking is good. It’s a thing best done with the mouth closed, I find.

  9. @Alice: We all need some selective moderation 😛

    @Sandy: I like your learning & response to arguments. but what if the other person does not want to listen to your perspective? what if the person is important to you?

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