The Weatherman Always Rains Twice

“Why are people obsessed with the weather? And if you watch the Weather Channel, why?” ~ BlogTalkers #17

Before we begin, it would be good for us to talk on the matter of obsession. Like how some folks are crazy over tickle-me-emos , MyPlace or guns. It is indeed a fine-line between interest & obsession. And a very obvious non-scientific indicator would be when you start thinking of something a lot – during your day & even filling your dreams.

Like it or not, weather remains something that affects each & every one of us. It also serves as an ice-breaker when meeting someone & you don’t have much to talk about. The weather is thus often a much safer choice of conversation topic. We obsess about weather because we can. We get depressed when it rains continuously. We whine when the weather gets unbelievably scorching for days without end. We somehow feel the world is a better place when the skies are blue & the clouds are puffy white.

Another prime reason for weather obsession would be sex. If terrestrial television offered hot nude chicks stripteasing while talking about the weather in each state, you can count on me to be watching the weather channel. Yet of course I’m betting that there are individuals out there who find weather incredibly stimulating. (Hmm… I bet making love in the midst of a storm would be a very interesting experience)

Real World
Back to vanilla, there will be people who watch the weather channel for real world needs. To check on the weather for planning events. To check on weather due to travel for business or pleasure. Or simply to check whether the next day would require the use of brollies. But the Weather Channel today is not merely about checking weather per se. As we get more sophisticated, the Weather Channel has grown as well to include information & documentaries. Sort of like Discovery with a special focus on weather itself.

Simply Weather
With everything said & done, weather is simply still weather. Enjoy the rolling clouds while lying on the green grasses of a hill with a close friend or a loved one. Maybe weather is just there for us to enjoy her.

What is your fav weather & why?

10 thoughts on “The Weatherman Always Rains Twice

  1. who knows if he has a special satelite tv channel just for naked weather forecast station….

    i remember one time in f4 on a nice cooling friday after school. wasnt hot yet cloudy and breezy, i actually got a classmate of mine to just lie down in the middle of the field and watch clouds… haha, whoever passed by must be thinking what the heck the two girls were doing.

    meich, you remember the time the class convinced Ms Ong to have add maths outside the class??? 😉
    that was fun albeit a short while before it rained!

    Stev: I guess there’s always a certain attraction to just lying down idyllically to watch clouds

  2. I like the weather because we cannot control it and our predictions usually go awry despite the forecasts. There’s nothing quite like being outsmarted by a good storm. I realize I’m not in control and I don’t have to be or even pretend to be. Weather still has magic.

    Stev: Ahhh. I forgot about that. The unpredictability of weather is always fun.

  3. personally im somewhat at times fascinated with the calm cool weather. something of the same level with hills and beach. just watch nature and get lost in thoughts.

    simple as it is. think Shikamaru! haha…

    Stev: Good comparison with Shikamaru. Losing one’s self in nature eh. Interesting…

  4. i miss sunny-days… as i start class before the sun rises and clases end after the sun sets.. hence i never see the sun much :,( sob*

    i luv cloudy-days… as i can play tennis in the evenings.. hehe.. ^_^

    i dread rainy-days…. as its often too puuurrrfect for sleeping which makes me skip classes unintentionally U_U..zzZ

    Stev: Sounds like you like all the different types of weather 😛

  5. I love most weather from the fizzle and crack of a good thunderstorm to a warm balmy evening to seeing your breath on a cold crispy morning when all is touched by frost.

    Happy BYB Sunday

    Stev: Mmm. I can see the breath of frost!

  6. Personally i like cloudy n rainy weather.I juz plain hate the sg’s humidity. Then again,whether i enjoy the weather depends on who i’m with during tt paticular weather.

    I like to be with an adventurous guy on a sunny and clear day.cos there’s countless of activities we can do, strolling down e beach or even trekking.

    A lazy laid back guy on a hot n humid day so tt neither will complain when we’re sipping coffee at starbucks and sit n complain bout e weather for hours.lolx. rarely have stormy weather la.but making love during rainy weather are the best work out.lolx. or a lazy afternoon at home with hot chocolate and mountains of dvd or just plaing making out on the couch.wahaha..

    snowy.cant comment.lolx.but i hate going out in winter though, the wind juz ruins my hair = ruins my mood.lolx

    Stev: Sounds like you need a chameleon of a guy. Or at the least someone as fluid or changing as ‘water’

  7. I wonder whether weather weathers weather well?


    It’s always beautiful. Except when it’s hazy. 😦

    Stev: Well weather does weather well when one wills weather will be well


    Haze is not a weather! “Say no to haze today!”

  8. Well willed… but will weather?

    Can you will weather?

    Will weather let you will weather?


    Haze doesn’t care. Haze hazards happen. 😦

    Stev: Sad. So sad but true. Let’s burn all them polluters who cause haze to ashes! oh wait…

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