First Experiences

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
~ Irish Blessing

There is something to be said about the first time. Somehow or another as well, the first time tends to stand out clearly & vividly in our memories. Our first clearest happy recollection of childhood memories. Our first best friend. Our first crush. Our first love. Our first kiss. Our first real working job.

Of course first memories of many things are bittersweet. Thinking back of one’s first love, and losing her. Thinking back of smiles & warmth of a very close one, who is no longer with us on earth. The whirling of thoughts & emotions when a close workplace friend leaves for greener pastures. Oft the many things that thrilled us tremendously when we were young, but today would no longer nary evoke a feeling.

Massages & Music Boxes
I still recall the first time I went for an oil massage. The dim lights. The massage beds behind individual drawn curtains. The heightened sense of touch as ones eyes were closed. The shocking jolts of pain followed by relief & pleasure. And strangely as well, the damned music of the music box. Playing incessant tunes of yesteryear beat by beat with no lyrics.

First Time Waiting
Also recently was the experience of seeing many others waiting for their first time to be seated to eat. In the land of the bountiful food here, this would appear to be almost a sin. And I find it quite surprising how many people dislike & are against waiting to be seated when the other tables are full. If that were to be combined with extremely slow service then it would surely be a combustious effect in the end.

First is Last, and Last is First
With all that said, things are rarely what they really seem to be. The massage episode ended with, not perfect, but a good enough feeling to the massage & the music box music died away blocked in one’s mind. The slow seating & slow service were replaced with a satisfied smile due to the excellent food & backed by good company & conversation. Our first fall, our first tear, our first heartbreak all serve as irreplaceable lessons in life.

What is your most vivid first experience you can recall?

7 thoughts on “First Experiences

  1. i recall a fren told me about his first experience receiving pron from his fren’s mom.. do u recall tat stev?

    hahaha…. i wonder if he reads this blog πŸ˜›

    Stev: LOL. I remember that. And no I don’t think he reads this blog (let’s hope not anyway). Was an interesting experience no doubt the hear the narration from the guy being passed pron from his friend’s mother. Definitely way out on the weirdness scale.

  2. sometimes i wonder why we could easily remember certain experience? apart from being something memorable or bad, how about something which doesnt seem anything special but you somehow can recall it?

    i still remember my first nasty accidents. knees bleeding all over during kindy (but i dont remember the reason of competing who can run the fastest with my elder cousin and his classmates – see what i mean by remembering trifles like this?).

    also getting a near-eye injury no thanks to my bro and another cousin during std 1. just stood there crying so loud nonstop and darent open my eyes all the way to the clinic, fearing that i was blind! took a like 5-10 mins for the doctor to coax me :p

    also nothing special but i remember my first day of school. most parents were loitering outside the class but i actually told my mum to just go home!!! probably my kindy classmates were in the same class as me (to the point that we held hands and danced in circles but they dont remember that anymore) or my house was just behind school.

    honestly, there’s nothing special about first day of school to me and other mere insignificant occasions. but i dunno why i can recall it!

    *shall stop rambling already before it’ll never end :p*

    Stev: My guess would be that we definitely found something memorable about it or had certain emotions attached to it. No matter how small, brief or simple it may have been. My first nasty bloody accident was climbing the barbed wire at the stadium during the school sports day.

  3. there’re still a lot of “first” in life isn’t it?
    well in my case,since i always change bfs, so its kinda a repetition of “first” with diff boyfriends.first date,first kiss, etc.lolx.

    i remember the first time i fell down. i was 7 yrs old in primary 3(sg).yup i nvr fell down until i was 7.haha…considering i had an eagle-eyed nanny.scraped my knee till it turned botak.

    1st time i tried smoking.spent 2 hrs deciding whether to try or not.lolx.
    But weirdly,i cant seem to remember my 1st day of sch.Nothing special but i can remember i was molested by other boys on the 1st week of pri 3 though.(i juz moved to sg). sigh…story of my life.haha

    of coz, who can forget the fairytale of first love.lolx.steve.sigh…. now that’s a first of everything me.

    Stev: *chuckles at your scraped knee story* mmm. steve is still at the back of your mind eh. still hopefully you can look back at you & him and still smile πŸ™‚

  4. My earlies memories are of the noise and fuss and commotion when my one year old brother nearly burnt his hand on a hot lawnmower – I was three at the time. (Other famous firsts are unprintable!)

    Stev: Ouch! Myself I have memories as a little punk sticking a fork into an electric outlet… and on the other spectrum would be a lazy sunny day out on the green grass with my elder sister hunting rabbits

  5. he never ah… curse maybe.hahaha..

    Stev: maybe… but everything happens for a reason I guess.

  6. I can’t remember mine… weird… it’s like I don’t have any first experiences at all… hmmm… wait, there is, but cannot tell you. *shy*

    I like your massage experience. I had my first and last official 2-hour aromatheraphy massage in Chiangmai back in 2004. Experienced exactly what you said here. “The heightened sense of touch as ones eyes were closed. The shocking jolts of pain followed by relief & pleasure.”

    Stev: I wonder what first experiences could that be O:-)

  7. My first and only baby being born. I had a wonderful midwife and supportive husband and good nurse, and it was so peaceful and quiet and easy! I learned from the midwife that this is what women’s bodies are engineered to do and not to fear it. In this way, there was no pain, though discomfort around the edges! It was a very private, personal first. Once was more than enough of a blessing!

    @Sandy: Very good perspectives. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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