A Prayer for the Stressed

A whimsical look at a prayer for modern times in case you haven’t seen it before previously (22nd Blog Your Blessings Sunday)

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I had to kill today because they made me mad. Also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be attached to the ass I may have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always give 100% at work:-
Monday – 12%
Tuesday – 23%
Wednesday – 40%
Thursday – 20%
Friday – 5%

And help me to always remember… When I’m having a really bad day, and it seems that people are *trying* to piss me off, that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend my middle finger.


Holding Effective Meetings

Inspired by The Rules of Management by Richard Templar

The Purpose
We all have been to meetings that appear to drag on forever. Or meetings in which much was said but it was largely fluff and had no concrete substance. I personally used to hold the school of thought that most meetings were a waste of time, which I gradually revised to be as a necessary evil. Truth be told, there should only be four reasons ever why a meeting is held:-
– Pass down or disseminate information
– Obtain information (and make decisions)
– Brainstorming (and make decisions)
– Bonding between a team

Call Me the Meeting Man
Before even calling for a meeting, decide on your agenda and what your objective is (based on the four reasons above). Sometimes we may combine more than one reason, but often it makes much more sense to schedule a different meeting for a different purpose. Next send out the meeting requests, not too near to the meeting date and not too far away – to make it less likely for others to give excuses for missing the meeting. Meetings are best held late in the day so everyone is eager to quickly finish the meeting. It is even better if the meetings can be done by email, phone or one-to-one. If a meeting has more than six people, consider breaking it down to committees which hold their own meetings and get the committees to report back.

Don’t Fall Off the Train
For meetings to be effective, as the chairperson you need to be firmly in charge. Effectiveness will mean you need to ensure no one refuses to shut up, overpowers the meeting, or tries to change the topic. Meetings must start punctually. Do not wait for anyone nor go back over stuff for latecomers. If someone has missed something vital, they can ask others after the meeting, and it teaches them to be punctual next time. Other ides would be to hold meetings standing ala West Wing to keep the meeting short and concise.

Meetings are Fun?!
We should all use meetings to tell stupid jokes and waste time. Just kidding (seriously)!! We do NOT mean that meetings are there as a ‘Haha’ affair. Instead, having fun in meetings means that we allow everyone to be themselves. Fun means not being stuffy. Fun means allowing people to share things and laugh if something is funny. Fun means allowing people to tell stories and anecdotes to lighten the situation (and knowing when to say ‘Alright. Let us get back to business.’)

Last Words and Mission Complete
By the end of today, we should be viewing meetings as an effective way to achieve the objective. At the end of the meeting, we should be able to say clearly and definitely whether the meeting has achieved the purpose we set out to achieve. Good luck!

What suggestions do you have on holding effective meetings?

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

What If…
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A horrendous crime resulting in the lost of lives occur. Yet you had the misfortune of being at the crime scene. You had the woeful luck of being implicated of that crime through a series of bizarre incidents. Unsure of whether you were setup or merely a scapegoat, you are now on trial for murder.

The Court Case
The judicial system is heavily bogged down. Your case takes months and drags past a year. And that is just for the initial hearings itself. And because of the seriousness of the alleged crime, bail is denied and you are to languish in detention for the entire period. And finally the long proceedings of the case is heard and the jury is out deciding your fate.

The Verdict
Guilty!! The words scream through your brain echoing and your body undergoes shocking numbness. How could the water-tight defense fail to save you when all the facts were in your interest. How could the judicial process show you as guilty when you know you are innocent within?

Many thoughts fill your mind and the surroundings become only a static white blur. Will you be proceeding to appeal the decision? Will you be resigned to your fate that because of ill-luck you will be punished? Is it merely a case of bad karma returning? The darkness soon returns and your remaining options are exhausted one by one. You force yourself to get use to the familiarity of lifetime incarceration to keep your sanity.

Many years have passed. The media has all but forgotten about this case with the news constantly being filled with even more new-age modern bizarreness. Yet… yet you are not forgotten by your friends and family. You have not been forgotten by those who trust you and believe in your true innocence. By another twist of fate, a key witness or key clue emerges from unknown sources. And this key is indeed the key to your freedom as it shows without a shadow of doubt that you are innocent. Many years of wrongful imprisonment, before finding yourself free again. Yet without a scar as you have been robbed of many years. Innocently.

How would you deal with all or any of the circumstances above if it were to happen to you?

Courage and Vision

21st Blog Your Blessings Sunday

When we do something despite the fear inherent in us. When we stand out from the crowd. When we go with the unpopular decision knowingly. When we do something out of the ordinary. When we allow ourselves to be just a little bit braver.

When we have a dream. When we have a picture or a goal in mind. When we strongly believe in something. When we know what we want and share our goals with others.

Courage and Vision
When both courage and vision both combine, we have something indeed that is worth its weigh in gold. When we are able to have a vision, and followed up with the courage to put the vision in motion. When we aim for the stars then we start moving forward, growing and innovating.

When we live in a world that is a much better place because of those who dreamed and made things come true despite the odds. When we make a change in our lives and help even one other person in even the smallest of ways, then, we have truly achieved something.

Thank You
When we say thank you to all those who have and will have the courage and vision for simply a better tomorrow.

Can you think of someone who has shown extraordinary courage and/or vision?

Blessed Blogders

20th Sunday of BlogYourBlessings

Blogders (Blog + Readers = Blogders) are indeed one of the blessings from blogging. At the expense of possibly sounding like an old gaffer, getting to know about others and their thoughts and opinions are indeed a prime motivator.

Bloggers without Borders!
It’s great too that blogging has helped to bring people from various parts and places together. Never before would I have imagined that I would be engaged in conversation with people from all over the globe.

And as a blogger, it does bring a smile to ones face when others can relate to the tale you have been weaving. Or to simply know that others have been through the same or similar experiences as you.

Well we all go through our different phases – from being addicted to blogging, addicted to reading blogs, or sometimes the interest wanes as well. And in all honesty, that is perfectly alright. Spend as much or as little time as you need.

Thank You
Thus a big thank you once again to all the blogders and to all who deign to leave comments as we talk a walk through wherever and whatever the horizon brings to us. Happy blog-reading and blogging!

How did you come to know of stevblogs?