Our heart starts beating faster. The palpable silence makes every creak, every groan sound eerily dangerous. We feel our sense become heightened somewhat. The heart races continuously. Uncontrollably.

Death stands at the door. Peeking in. You know. You feel it. We try to calm ourselves but it falls far short from helping. We fear the pain & the unknown that possibly accompanies death. We fear losing what we have right now. Even though in retrospect, we often don’t appreciate what we have at the moment enough.

Yes emotions… it whirls around us. Rational thought becomes a labor. We curse our past, our black cat luck & folly at the unfortunate circumstances that have culminated in today. Yet the fear remains. Never far away. Lurking. Waiting. Temporary moments of sanity & clutches of happiness fleet by. Only to be covered swiftly and massively by the dark clouds of fear.

It starts to sink in. And every dark corner hides a fiend from the abyss. Every random passer-by is scrutinized. Fearful of something or someone. Every parked car is peered at – imaginary demons peering back at us from the creavess beneath the seats. It starts to become all consuming…

It’s Only Life
Yet it’s only life. True that it’s largely irreplaceable. Yet once it’s over, it’s over. Fear will be washed away with the peaceful solitude of white linen. Yet perhaps… love… will conquer this fear? The clock ticks on…

What do you fear & have you faced it yet?


12 thoughts on “Fear

  1. My biggest fear is rejection by people I love, and I am learning to face it. This fear breeds all kinds of psychological germs that are unbearable and make the original fear worse than ever. So I deal. I decide it won’t happen–the way it used to so often– and head into things. So far so good.

    Stev: Rejection of any time is never easy. Especially from those we care for. Glad that you could make a conscious decision & just head right on in. An inspiration to the rest of us šŸ˜‰

  2. Failure… faced it many times. Still scares the begeebers out of me. Anytime I do anything I could fail at it. Relationships, work, learning, writing… you name it, I’ve probably failed it at least once. On the other hand, there’s no gain without risk.

    Stev: True that nothing comes without failure. Mayhaps the question for most things would be whether the risk of failure is worth its potential returns? (Except maybe for relationships – sometimes we just need to plunge in for that)

  3. My biggest fear is… anything that looks like WORMS!! *shivers*

    Stev: but… but… worms are so cute! šŸ˜€ the nice curling motions they make as they slide effortlessly over the ground & soil

  4. …change.in any forms.i fear it like how my elder bro fear cockroaches.lolx.yet it’s inevitable.

    loneliness is a pain in the ass too.
    changes=single=loneliness. so the best way to counter attack changes is to continue getting hitched.haha..

    Stev: *squints* but aren’t new relationships always related to change? mmm… i still am all for change being (almost) always good

  5. Is it a sign of weak faith? Does it signify a faltering belief in religion? I dont really know, but the fear of the Grim Reaper often grips my heart cold during those long quiet nights.

    Unnatural as it is to be thinking so frequently about Death, yet I do. And it is during those times, I wonder if there is an afterlife. I believe in evolution; I’m a firm believer of scientific facts and evidence, so it is hard for me NOT to think about Death as the eradication of one’s existance permanently and wholly.

    I believe that I fear more about what Death entitles to, rather than Death itself. Having myself forgetting that I even exist, even if that notion is in fact impossible since I’d be already dead. That true silence, of ultimately disappearing forever, that is what I fear the most.

    Hopefully, I will have found solace in my own self, and be prepared to face Death when it finally comes.

    Stev: Hmm. Well for some, religion does help somewhat to quell our unreasonable fears in the dark.

    Science does nudge slightly towards total nothingness in death. But yet it might be something we have yet to fully fathom?

    Still time helps. And I think we will be fully content if at the end of the day we have done all that we set ourselves out to do. And with the knowledge that we have led a full life.

  6. Death used to be my biggie – along with the pain that to my mind inevitably accompanied it. Having now had a brush with that particular experience my biggest fear is loss of control over my body and my bodily functions both physical and mental.

    This fear is manageable and is coming under control – until the next unexplained episode!

    Stev: I have come to agree with your POV that losing control is worst than death…

  7. Being the happy sort of person, I fear that existence does not end when you die. But on the other hand, it makes a lot more sense that it ends when you die, otherwise, you would have an infinite existence with a beginning, which hardly makes it infinite šŸ™‚

    Stev: Mmm… What if we had but forgotten the beginning?

  8. juz coz i change bf doesnt mean i change my daily activities and they way they treat me ma.. lolx..

    Stev: So the bf has to change for you then I presume ^^

  9. You make an interesting point.

    I guess it also depends on how you view existence: if something happened, but you don’t remember it and there is no evidence that it happened, them from my standpoint it did not occur. If there was an existence before this existence, and I’ve forgotten it, then it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference.

  10. @Whatever: sometimes fear is based on irrationality or mayhaps a past life as you mentioned? or mayhaps as well too terrifying that your mind automatically blocks it out from your memory

    so the question still remains on whether our existence is defined by our own perspective & evidential memory? and it the possibility of parallel universes & it becomes even more fun šŸ˜›

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