19th Sunday of Blog Your Blessings

NatureStep Out
Move away from the concrete jungle. Make the conscious decision to liberate your soul, heart & lungs! Take a trip away to the nearest natural green reserve & enjoy the natural splendors of nature.

The cold mists of morning dawn still hang on the skies & the leaves abundantly around you. You can’t help but to take a deep breath. The freshness of the air surprises you a little, especially after all the polluted air you’ve become used to in the days of your life. The breezy winds sweep by gently – and you shiver a little in response. You take in one deep breath after another, wondering how come you don’t come to enjoy this clear air & greenery more often.

The Trek
And with your small crew of friends, you set out on what you are sure will be an enjoyable mini-adventure. Secondary forests are trudged through with reasonably well-worn paths. Largely natural with only touches of human activity in the area. You can’t help but to marvel slightly at the sandy beach sand covering large parts of the jungle trail. No doubt at some point in history the whole area was a beach on which these trees & forest fauna have grown onto.

Upwards & Onwards
The trek leads you both upwards and downwards. Over rivers, fallen branches and even some areas wet from running cascading mini-waterfalls. Your eyes stray upwards towards the left and right, marveling at the giant trees, falling vines & abundant greenery. Beneath your feet, the giant ants of the forest trudge along in lines further than the eye can see. And you continue on your trek feeling a strange but warm sense of contentment & peace.

And the shady forests finally gives way to a bright source of light. It feels akin to one stumbling across a lost world when your eyes take in the spread of sun, beach and blue seas. You walk along the wooden man-made pier, and cannot help but feel that you are out in the middle of the sea with the vast blueness gently enveloping you. “Welcome back”, whispers mother nature softly through the wind.

What is your favorite nature/outdoor spot to be at?


11 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Right here, outside of my front door – or up onthe cliff overlooking the beach 🙂

    Stev: Damn. Now I have a reason to move somewhere else! Jealous!

  2. Some place with water, either the beach or the river.

    Yesterday we went a back way to the store and saw that the last flood had damaged a bridge and closed the road. We parked the car and walked down to look. On the way, I must have seen 20 different wildflowers, ate fresh berries, walked through 1000s of butterflies … I am going back for pictures today.

    Stev: Very much a water-person eh? Hmm. Glad that floods bring about such renewal. Wildflowers, fresh berries & thousands of butterflies. Sounds so dream-like~ mmm….

  3. That’s easy… The Flat Tops Wilderness Area. Looks like July this year for our anual aniversary trip. Other couples have a song. We have a place.

    Stev: Wow. Congratulations. How many years have you been going there I wonder.

  4. Easy answer for me. The beach. There’s nowhere I love more than the shore.

    Happy Sunday!

    Stev: Ahhh. Lots of us love the beach. The feel of sand beneath the feet is dare I say it… exquisite!

  5. Ah, but you are forgetting the bugs, the mugginess, the strange sounds, etc. etc. After a week (or more) of being miserable, it finally dawns on you that *this* is the way things are supposed to be and that the artificial life you lead is the one that is messed up. Then you go back and get turned upside down again. Talk about realizations…

    Glad to see you are still doing BYBS 🙂

    Stev: But… but… Bugs are so tasty & full of vitamins too! Incidentally being turned upside down is kinda fun too. I hear you can do that at some fun-fairs.

    Thanks. I’m glad to see myself still doing BYBS too 🙂

  6. Hahah… i just came back from the sand, sea and sun! and well tanned, browned, burnt too!

    need i say more?? 😀

    @stev/whatever: ooh, you should try the stir-fried insects in thailand. the grasshopper is good… LOL

    Stev: Well-burnt babes 😉 I like scorpions *yum!*

  7. in a park where it’s breezy and there’s no scorching sunlight glaring in your face. a picnic on the grass would be nice.
    also the beach where its also not super hot and humid, where i would actually enjoy basking under the sun lol with my book and a tall glass of lychee martini.

    Stev: Picnics in the park & outings to the beach. Very classic view of things you have there, as always

  8. Dear Stev, first of all, you’ve been tagged to play “8 random facts/habits about me”. I really hope you’ll play. 😀

    And now for your quettion. I love the forest, but dislike the creepy crawlies especially the slim-bodied long ones. I do love the sound of cricket, monkeys hollering and swinging on trees, trees talking to each other, the sun shining through or the wet misty leaves. I think I want to go back to Fraser’s Hill now.

    Stev: I like all the above too. Except when monkeys attack. I wouldn’t mind a few hours of forest once a while. Mmm.

  9. For me, anything that deals with nature is good
    Jungle, beach, whatever that can calm and make one at ease

    Stev: How bout a jungle on a beach 😀 Ahhh… nothing like mother nature

  10. The beach. To be on one of an infinite number of horizons is to feel the limitlessness of the world and at the same time the connection of all life. It’s freedom.

    Stev: Looks like the beach is the grand winner. Freedom of infinite horizons? That’s a nice vision indeed.

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