Not a meme from Alice

Wake up. Fall asleep again. Wake up again. Do the zombie dance. Drag self to work.
Random Weird Fact: I have an alarm clock in my washroom so I can realize how late I am and need to jump-start myself to work

Dock notebook. Get coffee. Read emails. Check the sun is still alive, the world is still spinning & the office air isn’t contaminated. Followed by attending first meeting of the day.
Random Weird Fact: I have changed 4 coffee mugs in 1 year. First was a thermos thing which broke. Second found a home in the dustbin for no good reason. Third was retired as it couldn’t fit the coffee machine. Any guesses on the forth?

Go for lunch. End up driving somehow usually… Talk about nonsensical things of little consequence to release stress. Complain about feeling sleepy after lunch. Oh and eat sometime during the whole list.
Random Weird Fact: There is a 86.24% possibility the drink of choice during lunch will be ‘cham peng’ (also known as ying yong / coffee + tea)

Do some work. Drink more coffee (to stay awake). Attend some meetings. Work on some projects. Leave whenever one feels like it (between 5PM – 9PM)
Random Weird Fact: I have 6 books & more than 10 magazines on my cubicle desk – which I never ever read…

Exercise (Jog/Hike/Etc). Shower. Dinner. Sit in front of a computer again (home desktop this time around). Or watch the idiot box (started doing that after hearing that Japanese folks like to watch TV so I feel I should too!). Read a book (a huge maybe). Waste time online. Sleep & good night!
Random Weird Fact: I spend an average of… Wait. I think it’s easier if it’s the other way around. The ONLY time I am NOT staring at a screen is when I am in front of a wheel or eating. (Damn. That’s unhealthy)

What does a day in your life entail?


9 thoughts on “24

  1. Coffee and peanut butter, but first and foremost a walk along the road to see and wave to the neighbors in my bed-headed (not quite) glory.

    Stev: *chuckles* bed-headed glory is fun. still it’s a good morning ritual definitely

    o/t: I used to be a peanut butter fan as well for a time when I still had breakfast regularly

  2. Waaaaaaah… your answers very good. First time I see such unique reply. Thank you so much for playing! I know I can count on Stev! Hehehehe… Now I know the life of Stev. 😀

    Stev: Inspired by yours of course (Mine has a few liberal sprinklings of err… ‘inspired creative editing’ of course 😉 )

  3. typical day:
    wake up n sleep for ten mins n wake up
    then go to school and see a girl whom every guy chases, and who hates me smile at me blankly for no damn reason

    Stev: A love-hate relationship developing mayhaps?

  4. Do you want a good day or a bad day?

    Stev: How about both? Your call though really. A vast ocean of difference between a good day & a bad?

  5. Errrrr
    You sure your time correct ah
    I think would be…
    Get up

    Stev: Keke. Was not supposed to be on a 24-hour timeclock. Updated with AM/PM signages.

  6. man..ur drink coffee like water.zzz.. shdnt drink so much u know.tsk tsk tsk. trying to be adult-ish izzit?

    6.am. reluctantly wake up for morning jog/walk.shower and a cuppa fresh juice (yuck)

    9.am. otw to work.usually doze off in the car.wake up only when e car reach e doorstep.

    9.30am. wander ard the office doing nothing n doze off during important meetings.

    11.55am. scampers off to lunch and come back 1 hr 15 mins l8r.(perks of being e boss’s daughter.lolx)

    4.40pm. off work.depending who i go off with.my dad might be earlier, brother at 5.15.pm.

    6.15pm. dinner with whole family.

    6.30pm. usually out for a drive around or just e nearest mall to spend some hard earned cash.haha..

    10.30pm. la la land..

    basically that everyday. unless bear comes to visit of course.

    Stev: Morning exercise daily? I’m impressed. No way I could keep up with that (Tried that for a stint but ended up feeling lethargic at work instead. heh). Still I would be guessing that you are bound to learn some things as well apart from long lunches & dozing.

  7. Ooohh…the “all day in front of the screen” thing just got to my conscience. Time to log off and read!

    Stev: LOL. It’s true. It’s true.

  8. Here my daily boring~~~~ routine 😦

    0600: WHACK the alarm clock when it rings n sleep back. (FEEL MY WRATH U EVIL CLOCK!!)

    0645: WHACK 2nd alarm clock quickyly change and rush to catch the bus to Muar hospital.

    0720: sleep on bus again U_UzzZ..

    0845: reach hospital start following up and examining patients.

    1000: hear patient’s grandfather stories.

    1050: getting scolded by the lecturer for not studying hard enough T_T

    1300: LUNCH!! my shoes taste better then the food there 😦

    1400: examine short cases and more scolding by the lecturer.. sigh* :,(

    1600: get on bus n sleep all the way home.. U_UzzZ

    1700: arrive at college change into sports wear n play tennis ^_^ weee~~~

    1930: dinner wif frens

    2100: ment to study~ *daydream*cough*daydream*cough* 😛

    2300: watch anime/surf net/play games

    0100: sleep again U_UzzZ

    Stev: Sounds like quite a fun student routing, Dr. Weisiong. Incidentally my mobile functions as my secondary alarm clock.

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