All the Small Things

All the Small ThingsPositive Growth
Positive or healthy growth occurs when good things tend to accumulate or grow over time. Akin to the Malay proverb “Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit” (Over time, a small mound will eventually become a mountain). This is true in many things whether we are talking about our savings or trust funds growing in size over time with reinvestment of dividends, or even in more abstract terms such as health – whereby taking good care of our own personal health daily will lead to a healthy mind and body overall in the long run.

Negative Growth
On the other side is growth of the wrong or unwanted kind when small problems or errors accumulate and become a big issue. One of the big concerns on my side since I moved more into a managerial position were on how to tackle and resolve minor issues or problems before they become a mountain of a problem. No matter how busy or tight our schedules are, we need to set some time aside to put in the few minutes that are required to solve these issues. It is much simpler to tackle problems at the basic step before they blow-up and become major sore points – which tends to happen if we keep postponing or keeping these things as the back of our minds.

A More Cheery Look
Yet out of the workplace, it is often said (and true indeed!) that many of the best things in life are small and/or hardly cost anything. Studies have already shown that in the states, USD40,000 per annum is enough to more than make ends meet and life a life without having to worry about financial worries – and to concentrate on the many other things in life. And by smaller things in life, we mean that spending quality time with friends, going for a picnic with the whole family, or sitting down with a good book by yourself – these are the things that really give meaning to a fulfilling life in a simple way.

Think Big, Start Small
It is of course an interesting time of late with the month of April just past, being the time of the year (in Malaysia), whereby the highest number of turnover or resignations appear to occur. A number of friends as well are once again on the green pastures seeking (re)employment or starting off new careers in different locations. Yet the underlying thing would be what do you want to achieve, or a simpler question of what do you want to do? What is it that you think would make you happy? What things would you want to change from the current place and time that you are in now? Once you have at least an idea of the big picture, the smaller jigsaw pieces will start to make more sense. Despite all the rules and rigors of modern life, we are indeed yet still have the freedom to make our own choices in our lives. And it is never, ever too late to start anew.

Forward March!
Like the small ant working incessantly towards achieving its goals, we continue stepping forward with each small step that we take. But we actually need a bit of the grasshopper along with the ant with us. Set time aside to do the many small things you enjoy – be it the cup of hot latte or the rush of workout after a mountain-climbing session. Blink182 did get it right..

What is the one thing that you’d like to do this month?


One thought on “All the Small Things

  1. Happy BYB Sunday.
    The small thing? Walk on the beach alone on a weekday morning.

    Stev: There’s always something enchanting about early morning weekday beach walks… Followed by a hearty breakfast!

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