Blessed Blogders

20th Sunday of BlogYourBlessings

Blogders (Blog + Readers = Blogders) are indeed one of the blessings from blogging. At the expense of possibly sounding like an old gaffer, getting to know about others and their thoughts and opinions are indeed a prime motivator.

Bloggers without Borders!
It’s great too that blogging has helped to bring people from various parts and places together. Never before would I have imagined that I would be engaged in conversation with people from all over the globe.

And as a blogger, it does bring a smile to ones face when others can relate to the tale you have been weaving. Or to simply know that others have been through the same or similar experiences as you.

Well we all go through our different phases – from being addicted to blogging, addicted to reading blogs, or sometimes the interest wanes as well. And in all honesty, that is perfectly alright. Spend as much or as little time as you need.

Thank You
Thus a big thank you once again to all the blogders and to all who deign to leave comments as we talk a walk through wherever and whatever the horizon brings to us. Happy blog-reading and blogging!

How did you come to know of stevblogs?

13 thoughts on “Blessed Blogders

  1. Question
    How did you come to know of stevblogs?

    honestly, i dont remember! =p

    *sheepish grin*

  2. I came to know you through Blog Your Blessings, Stev, so we can thank the Blue Panther! He’s a great guy and I love that he started the Sunday meme.

    I’m off to work on my entry. Have a great day and stop by later if you get time.

    Blessings to you!

    Stev: Blessings link us then 😉 I liked your mother’s day post

  3. You first comment on my blog still baffled me, as I never ping PPS for a long time(and never will). 😮

    Stev: I came across your blog from PPS? Interesting… :O

  4. I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon your site. It may have been through BYBS.

    All I know is that is it had really cool World of Warcraft like icons 🙂 Later on, I found your posts to be thought provoking.

    (flakyness on) I think blogs, news postings, etc. present a person stripped of everything except pure though. Sure there is the flashy graphics, etc. but like writing, at the heart of the situation is the message and the person behind it. I find that your posts give me one of the greatest gifts I can imagine: they make me think. (flakyness off)

    Stev: Good to know that stealing them WoW icon buttons came to good effect 😉

    (honey-coated cornflakes on) I agree that writing in its purest form does show a lot more – only limited by what the writer/blogger has to share. glad to know that I can provoke people to think a little bit. Since I am but a blog with little brain. (honey-coated cornflakes off)

  5. i think you discovered me. not the other way around.lolx

    Stev: Maybe. Maybe. Or maybe you wanted to be discovered? 😛

  6. thru some site nominated for a award, i found a blog called lifeamongotherthings(bluepanther), then i found ur blog, great stuff here

    Stev: Ahhh. Interesting. And I wondered from where and how thou came across this blog. I am guessing you don’t or no longer keep a blog yourself zhihao?

  7. Very well said stev!

    I think I came to know your blog through BYB Sunday too.

    Stev: And I came across your blog during my short stint on err… BlogExplosion! (I had to Google it as I couldn’t recall the name)

  8. Ooh…. i think i remember tho not sure…

    probably from mike’s… but now i wonder how did i get to his site??

    nah…. i dont think it really matters, does it? kinda hard to route it out virtually when you already know the person in reality :p

    Stev: Hmmm. I do think you have a good point there. Makes me wonder how I came across mikey‘s blog. hmm.

  9. My brother! My brother Chin Fong was the one, I think who ‘led’ me to your bloggie. Bless that fellow!

    BTW, this is a very sentimental blog post. Lurve it! Lurve it! 😀

    Stev: Mmm. I think I came across your blog as well from your bros too. Looks like you are quite the sentimental 😉

  10. Hmmm… Blogders, I like it. I like the sound of that title 😀

    Blogging has certainly broadens my perspective and enriched my life… it’s like I am breathing fresh air again.

    The answer to your question:
    If I recall correctly, I was drawn to your blog by a comment left by you on my blog (correct me if I am wrong ok :P). Since then, I was hooked. Your personality intrigues me.

    Stev: I think that’s about right. I came across your blog just as you were about to really start blogging I think.

    Ooo. I have an intriguing personality? *chuckles*

    Incidentally the term blogders was coined up by another blogger(s) – if not mistaken xiaxue though that wasn’t where I first saw it from

  11. I’m with you on this one! Blog Your Blessings Sunday introduced me to you. I’m glad of it, too. It’s a very worthwhile blogroll.

    Stev: It’s definitely interesting, blessed & mind opening experience to view the various BYB participants

  12. How did you come to know of stevblogs?

    when i felt evil n was looking for something to vandalise and there came lil’ol’stev yellin “Hey i got me-self a blog!”

    >:) evil grin*

    Stev: *raised eyebrow* intriguing…

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