Courage and Vision

21st Blog Your Blessings Sunday

When we do something despite the fear inherent in us. When we stand out from the crowd. When we go with the unpopular decision knowingly. When we do something out of the ordinary. When we allow ourselves to be just a little bit braver.

When we have a dream. When we have a picture or a goal in mind. When we strongly believe in something. When we know what we want and share our goals with others.

Courage and Vision
When both courage and vision both combine, we have something indeed that is worth its weigh in gold. When we are able to have a vision, and followed up with the courage to put the vision in motion. When we aim for the stars then we start moving forward, growing and innovating.

When we live in a world that is a much better place because of those who dreamed and made things come true despite the odds. When we make a change in our lives and help even one other person in even the smallest of ways, then, we have truly achieved something.

Thank You
When we say thank you to all those who have and will have the courage and vision for simply a better tomorrow.

Can you think of someone who has shown extraordinary courage and/or vision?


5 thoughts on “Courage and Vision

  1. Courage and vision are great things to have. If one haves the two things he should consider himself truly blessed.

    Have a great week ahead.

    P.s.- Thanks for reminding that the BYB sunday is in its 21st week. 🙂

    Stev: You too =)

  2. My son who battles his dyslexia every day with courage and has the vision of living a “normal” life which given his condition is an extraordinary life.

    Happy BYB Sunday.

    Stev: And thus I would say you as well. Your son is an inspiration.

  3. So true! Courage without vision is hubris and vision without courage is a waste.

    Stev: Keke. Nice saying there (and very true too!).

  4. In answer to your question: Martin Luther King, Jr. is the one who most clearly springs to mind: “I have a dream!”

    Stev: One of the people who have really changed the world with their dreams, courage & vision. I heartily agree to that.

  5. My answer to your Q: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr and Daisaku Ikeda for their humanitarian endeavors that speaks volumes in courage and vision.

    Many people has visions but lack the courage and confidence to make it a reality. So afraid are we of getting hurt that it’s irony in the end that what hurt us most is the regrets we have to live with for not taking action.

    Stev: Ikeda’s quotes make for an interesting read.

    Agreed that we need to take action. But yet to knwo when not to take action 😉

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