Guilty Until Proven Innocent

What If…
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A horrendous crime resulting in the lost of lives occur. Yet you had the misfortune of being at the crime scene. You had the woeful luck of being implicated of that crime through a series of bizarre incidents. Unsure of whether you were setup or merely a scapegoat, you are now on trial for murder.

The Court Case
The judicial system is heavily bogged down. Your case takes months and drags past a year. And that is just for the initial hearings itself. And because of the seriousness of the alleged crime, bail is denied and you are to languish in detention for the entire period. And finally the long proceedings of the case is heard and the jury is out deciding your fate.

The Verdict
Guilty!! The words scream through your brain echoing and your body undergoes shocking numbness. How could the water-tight defense fail to save you when all the facts were in your interest. How could the judicial process show you as guilty when you know you are innocent within?

Many thoughts fill your mind and the surroundings become only a static white blur. Will you be proceeding to appeal the decision? Will you be resigned to your fate that because of ill-luck you will be punished? Is it merely a case of bad karma returning? The darkness soon returns and your remaining options are exhausted one by one. You force yourself to get use to the familiarity of lifetime incarceration to keep your sanity.

Many years have passed. The media has all but forgotten about this case with the news constantly being filled with even more new-age modern bizarreness. Yet… yet you are not forgotten by your friends and family. You have not been forgotten by those who trust you and believe in your true innocence. By another twist of fate, a key witness or key clue emerges from unknown sources. And this key is indeed the key to your freedom as it shows without a shadow of doubt that you are innocent. Many years of wrongful imprisonment, before finding yourself free again. Yet without a scar as you have been robbed of many years. Innocently.

How would you deal with all or any of the circumstances above if it were to happen to you?

3 thoughts on “Guilty Until Proven Innocent

  1. First, let me say God bless your BYB Sunday!

    These things used to happen all the time in Ireland, where I used to live. Fortunately, folks stuck together and heave-hoed the political system that made it possible. What do you do if it’s not a byproduct of bad government, if you’re special? Somehow, I think you tell your story. Bloggers would naturally write!

    Stev: Glad that things have improved over time. (Didn’t know you were from Ireland!). Mmm. True as well that bloggers would indeed turn to writing. Anyone knows any bloggers writing from prison?

  2. sound like a scene straight out of a it inspired by prison break? 🙂

    well..power of the people do play a part.esp signed petitions and stuff. or in the worst possible scenario, pay lotsa money and escape to mexico.

    btw.. wats BYB sunday? i’ve been wrecking my brain over it.

    Stev: Mmm. Well although it’s reasonably rare for the wrong person to be charged, it still does happen. Inspired by a recent news story actually rather than prison break 😉

    BYB = Blog Your Blessings or click the Blessings category on the right

  3. I would put in a special request to have ALL my books shipped in to the prison and I’ll take the opportunity to complete my TBRs (To Be Read).
    I would put in a special request to get a laptop with broadband access, enroll myself onto an e-learning course and get a degree. Die in prison a PhD, why not?…
    If only… hmmm, do you think it’s possible to do all that, Stev? Since I have to be in prison, might as well do something worthwhile there eh?

    Stev: mmm. that certainly sounds like you’d certainly use everything very productively! PhD eh. Why not. Plus you wouldn’t need to worry about food & lodging. Only procreating might be a problem tho. hmm hmm.

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