Death and Other

I almost lied. Luckily the coffee (and a long-time friend) dropped into the picture before this rather darker post (although on a note I find it more fascinating than morbid)

So what comes after life? Does one reincarnate or become reborn? Do you go to heaven or hell? Or is there really nothing or purgatory?

Are you deeds of both kind recorded & played back to you like a movie? Are your sins both large & small weighed against a (very heavy) golden feather? Do your actions have an effect of your after/next life?

Has any of these really been proven? Are OBEs really just hallucinations we experience? Or how about those who clinically died but miraculously revived who described the beyond as merely a full stop. Nothing.

Do we argue and theorize? Do we listen to the voice of religion of what to expect? Or do we simply not care or even refuse to even bother thinking about it?

What about the pearly gates or the dark river ride? How does science and our rapidly shrinking earth come into the equation in heaven/hell/other versus the universe? Is death really a state of mind?

Recovering (Hopefully)

26th Blog Your Blessings

Just a very short update to say I am thankful that I am recovering from a bout of illness

Suspect it to be related to many factors including work-stress, exposure to cold weather and swapping saliva (she was sick & stole my food)

Feeling much better as of today. But had been reasonably constant pain the last 2 days. Happening less intermittently now but pangs still occur whenever I think of work. heh.

Hmm. This sounds like a sick blog now. Am guessing that this is how blog authors who blog about their illness do their blogging (no offense meant though)

I guess most likely the next post after this will be a happy post ’cause we all need some sunshine between the rain

Dear Blog

How have thou been? It has been an twelve days (unimaginable!) since my last posting.

So what has been keeping me away from you my beloved/precious/sometime-rantbox? Well, life has been moving at an interesting pace. With the word interesting being simply a definite word for busy until taking a sh*t requires you to think about work (Not very but actually partially true).

And since this I guess is a whimsical post at 12AM, we should think of more whimsical stuff to put into this blog entry. Yes we should. My precious…

Still one ponders (or rather a voice at the back of my head) tells me on what should (or rather should not) be published on a public blog in fear of repercussions or unnecessary side effects from work.

Still (once again) I must say that work remains in a constant state of flux. And yet we are lucky in the sense that the ‘what the flux’ is largely more towards things that can & will change for the better. Yet of course at certain areas of business, the lies, paperwork mountain & deadlines crouching in the shadows (with sharp teeth!) still lurk existingly (No, the word ‘existingly’ does not really exist)

Thus we are once again at full circle (not really).

Haven’t had to bring work back and actually work till midnight for quite a while (ever since I forbid myself from doing so. Hmmm.)

Oh gosh I must be really busy. (THE END)

Alive and Not in NEET

Maybe I should start calling these posts ‘BYB’ of the last Sunday past…
(24th BYB Sunday)

Its Good
To be alive. To be able to work. To be fit and healthy. To have family and friends around. To be of sound mind. To continue to find passion in many things. To have time to smile and laugh everyday.

Not in NEET
Means that I’m not not not in Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET). In short, that I’m not a Hikikomori who is shut off, withdrawn from the world and needing a rental sister XD

Is as simple does. And to wake up everyday to a cold shower (by choice). To feel the soft blowing of wind early in the morning catching you shivering in soft delight. Downing that first cup of coffee. Catching up over lunch with a friend. Walking back at the end of the day knowing you have interacted and had an impact no matter how little in the day, in the lives of others.

That education has played a role in your life. In knowing that the many useless things you learned eventually turned out to be pretty darn useful sometimes. To have had the chance of growing from education to employment. That while alive we gather the sum of our experiences and grow from the experience.

Being Alive
That itself is a blessing indeed.

Is it right for someone to make a choice to isolate themselves or become a Hikikomori?