23rd BYB Sunday!

Today is a short look at passion. At the heart or the point of which many great things begin from very small dreams. Question is, how does passion itself become born?

It has oft been said that we are all talented in our own many ways. Rare indeed for anyone to be without individual talents. That’s why each and everyone of us is unique 😉 So how does talent relate and translate into passion?

We are canvasses painted from our thoughts and actions. When our talents are put to use and placed at the forefront of what we set out to achieve – that’s when talent in action starts bearing forth into passion. So how does this so-called action bring about positive change?

To be honest, most of us dislike routine. We wish for our lives to be a full of different thrills with different joys & experiences every day. Yet routine does have it own rewards. Routine brings about learning gleaned from experience & more importantly, the ability to find new ways and new ideas despite the sameness of routine. So where does routine this bring us?

Routine is unequivocally part of our lives. From waking up daily to commuting to falling asleep every night. What makes the real difference is when passion infuses the routine lives which we live in. When routine becomes a waltz-like dream. When a life is one which we live for our love of many people and things we are passionate about. For what is life without passion, and what is passion without life?

How would you define passion?

13 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Passion is the thing that stirs your mind and your soul, that wakes you up, compels you to do and create because it is the very breath of life, inspiration itself.

    Stev: And that indeed is a very passionate description on passion (!)

  2. I would say it is something that comes flaming from within
    Something that gives pleasure to oneself not others
    Something that motivates and well, passion!

    Stev: Focus on self & within eh. That’s an interesting concept of passion.

  3. stev,
    Passion is the feeling that gets your heart stirring, your adrenaline pumping and your mind whirling! It often manifests itself in varying degrees, but the feelings are the same. Passion should also give you pleasure.

    Stev: Passion is the feeling that gets your heart stirring, your adrenaline pumping and your mind whirling! – very nicely phrased!

    Very interesting to see how and what passion means to different.

  4. Boredom = Routine = Security

    Passion = Energy that consumes and engages the entire body, mind, and/or spirit/soul (in case of anal philosophers who might disagree with the existence of the soul and/or spirit) into such concentration that infuses life into every single bit of action related to the cause (e.g. presentation/artwork of any kind for/related to the muse), that the subject practically glows. It’s just hard to miss if it’s really there.

    Stev: glowing eh. interesting. how bout if the passion is burning only slowly and softly. or what if its intermittent? or could we detect passion if its faked?

    ps. no anal philosophers detected so far here yet tho 😛

  5. oh, correction:

    Boredom = Routine = Security = Peace

    Stev: Strangely, that makes a lot of sense. mostly.

  6. I added your link to my blog, Stev………you are definitely a favorite read! Thanks. hugsssssssssssssss

    Stev: Thanks, glad to hear & lots of e-hugs 🙂

  7. Passion?

    …that intangible irrational insensible drive that keeps you going even after everyone else is bored and discouraged.

    That thrill that everyone’s seeking.

    The fantasy everyone’s needing.

    The lifeblood, pulsing, bleeding.

    The consuming heat, the fuel, the drive.

    …that tells you you’re not just going through the motions.
    You’re alive.

    Stev: A very inspiring answer which captures just about most of it

    (o/t: seems like a very feminine answer to me somehow but I can’t quite pinpoint it. hmm… :P)

  8. I’m passionate about something when I eat, breathe, sleep and think about it unceasingly. Please don’t ask me what I think about most of the time, OK? 😛

    I can’t think of anything smart to say… LOL.

    Stev: Passionate obsessions are fun 😉

  9. Very chim. Mee toooo shallow to comprehend.


    Stev is SOOOOOOO going to kill me for such a flippant answer *runs for her life

    Stev: I think a good example of passion… would be Bunny’s writing

    You can now proceed to pay me in dirty dollars for not killing you ^^

  10. I like your poem in the post above and can appreciate the mood. Broken china, a slice of clay, a return to elemental being.

    God bless your BYB Sunday.

    Stev: Mmm. Thanks, have a great week & glad you can imaginate the poem.

    (imaginate. i think that’s another new word too. hmm…)

  11. The overwhelming urge to create something: a poem, a sculpture, a sweater, a painting, a piece of furniture, a perfect environment.

    Now, where it comes from is different for everyone. Some famous artists and writers were drug addicts, other were esthetes, addicted to beauty.

    I always have believed that there is the perfect song, poem or painting within us all. Some have the ability to translate this into action and share it. Others use this ability to appreciate what others release.

    Stev: The perfect thing within us and appreciating it in others. Now that’s a thought.

  12. Stev: glowing eh. interesting. how bout if the passion is burning only slowly and softly. or what if its intermittent? or could we detect passion if its faked?

    I think your heart can always tell if something’s natural or not. At least, you may detect the magnitude of difference.

    And we’re always living in the moment. Only the moment 🙂

    Stev: But… but… the heart lies! (sometimes anyways with doses of half-truths)

    Good point about the moment tho. Enjoy!

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