Alive and Not in NEET

Maybe I should start calling these posts ‘BYB’ of the last Sunday past…
(24th BYB Sunday)

Its Good
To be alive. To be able to work. To be fit and healthy. To have family and friends around. To be of sound mind. To continue to find passion in many things. To have time to smile and laugh everyday.

Not in NEET
Means that I’m not not not in Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET). In short, that I’m not a Hikikomori who is shut off, withdrawn from the world and needing a rental sister XD

Is as simple does. And to wake up everyday to a cold shower (by choice). To feel the soft blowing of wind early in the morning catching you shivering in soft delight. Downing that first cup of coffee. Catching up over lunch with a friend. Walking back at the end of the day knowing you have interacted and had an impact no matter how little in the day, in the lives of others.

That education has played a role in your life. In knowing that the many useless things you learned eventually turned out to be pretty darn useful sometimes. To have had the chance of growing from education to employment. That while alive we gather the sum of our experiences and grow from the experience.

Being Alive
That itself is a blessing indeed.

Is it right for someone to make a choice to isolate themselves or become a Hikikomori?


9 thoughts on “Alive and Not in NEET

  1. That’s a hard question. But everyone has the right to make a choice for himself. Even the choice to unhappiness, or solitude.

    Stev: I agree to that in principal & fundamentally as well. But the question which begs to be asked is if whether the person can be said to be ‘ill’ if the person chooses the choice of being unhappy, withdrawn & in solitude?

  2. To say if the person is ill, first u must decide wat is normal? πŸ˜›
    To leave the home for work everyday…for example 8-5pm is considered normal? so is it abnormal if we choose to work from home? lets say like an author or maybe a computer software programmer? Who decides what is normal anyway?

    A hikikomori is some 1 who is Agoraphobic.. he is afraid of places which he is not familiar with.. or open spaces. Hence choosing to stay withdrawn and in solitude… doing wat he enjoys in the confinement of his room/house ( wat he does i leave it to ur great imginative skills πŸ˜› )

    In tat case doesnt tat makes him happy since he feels safe and secure indoors? πŸ˜‰

    So isn’t Happiness the “Freedom” of making our own choices? πŸ˜‰

    p.s Do u know where i can get 1 of those pretty rental sisters? >:)

    Stev: Very true points. So agoraphobia is something we can treat/help with?

    p.s Only in japan. Land of the falling dirty used panties from vending machines.

  3. Stev: that wasn’t a “no”.

    It’s not always a choice… sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. You can’t always “choose” not to fall ill. Becoming depressed isn’t always a choice.

    Of course it isn’t “right”… imagine the heartache you create for those close to you… but sometimes the pressures / emotional pain can’t be coped with any other way.

    Stev: Hmmm. Yet once again balance seems to be the answer.

    To prioritize yourself neglecting others. Or to prioritize others neglecting yourself. Both still seem wrong.

  4. stev,
    My answer is yes, but…………………is it right to isolate ones self from others? NO, but it is choice and a choice every individual makes. If a person is depressed or in emotional pain they are thinking of themselves, not family or friends or anyone else but that pain. Sad, but true. hugssssssssssss

    Stev: Withdrawing in pain. Ouch. Rental sisters really sounds like a good idea & option after all.

  5. I think it is a reaction to all the fanatical corporate culture that did not recognize individual differences. Failure was not an option. This, I believe, is a reaction to that mindset. It is also a “hell, no, I won’t do it” type of rebellion.

    If they have a room to stay in and a plug for their devices, I guess they are okay. They will find their way when mom or dad cuts the purse strings.

    Stev: Wonder if you read up or did more research on the topic from your answer πŸ˜‰

    But yes very true indeed that cutting the purse strings is a surefire way. Either you live & recover. Or well. You die I guess. >

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  7. I wonder if it’s a choice or the unexpected result of certain choices. It’s not a good thing, I think. The danger is that isolation kills off empathy and makes all kinds of things possible. Just thinking of Virginia Tech.

    Stev: Sometimes it’s a mix of both. Hmm. Virginia Tech is still fresh on most of our minds yet that slipped by my thoughts as well. Reasonably likely in the same mix of things.

  8. Hey!

    That was a nice post and to answer your question I will say that though I dont know if it is right or wrong to make that choice, I have many a times thought about isolating myself from the world- have a room of my own and lots of books. But on deeper thought, I realised that to think like that is escapism. Since, we are born into this world, we should try and do our best to live among people, choose wisely and make great friends.

    Stev: Well in all honesty a bit of time on our own in our own personal caverns is always good πŸ˜‰

    Still friends, family & interaction makes a lot of difference in the quality of our lives. Good luck!

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