Dear Blog

How have thou been? It has been an twelve days (unimaginable!) since my last posting.

So what has been keeping me away from you my beloved/precious/sometime-rantbox? Well, life has been moving at an interesting pace. With the word interesting being simply a definite word for busy until taking a sh*t requires you to think about work (Not very but actually partially true).

And since this I guess is a whimsical post at 12AM, we should think of more whimsical stuff to put into this blog entry. Yes we should. My precious…

Still one ponders (or rather a voice at the back of my head) tells me on what should (or rather should not) be published on a public blog in fear of repercussions or unnecessary side effects from work.

Still (once again) I must say that work remains in a constant state of flux. And yet we are lucky in the sense that the ‘what the flux’ is largely more towards things that can & will change for the better. Yet of course at certain areas of business, the lies, paperwork mountain & deadlines crouching in the shadows (with sharp teeth!) still lurk existingly (No, the word ‘existingly’ does not really exist)

Thus we are once again at full circle (not really).

Haven’t had to bring work back and actually work till midnight for quite a while (ever since I forbid myself from doing so. Hmmm.)

Oh gosh I must be really busy. (THE END)


4 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. YES! i m the first! ^_^ hehe…

    woi budak.. Havent seen u online for 1 mth dee! i tot u eloped wif the Boss’s daughter to some god forsaken continent where there is no internet connection or something like tat : P

    ANyway~~~ just wanted to say good luck wif work do remember to take care of ur health ya 😉

    P.s In a few hours i will be dancing wif the Devil himself (going for viva actually : p ) and if i clear this i would probably be back earlier then expected.. wish me luck ^_^


    Stev: First eh *chuckles*. Makes this blog seem almost like it was famous 😉

    I would but I think that would be charged for underage …

    Sure will do. I’m drinking lots of coffee XD

    Good luck there bro. Viva da vulva! (if that’s related)

  2. Stev,
    Interesting post! LOLOL When I get tired, I get goofy…….number one reason why I do not post late at night. LOLOL 🙂 hugssssssssss

    Stev: *chuckles* it’s good to be goofy once a while 😉

  3. Hmmm… interesting way of posting. So this explains why the long absence. Sounds like you really really do miss you blog and its reader eh. Good to hear that.

    Don’t forget to take some rest in btw work ok. Take care.

    Stev: Even if I didn’t want to that’s what the doc prescribed 😉 Thanks for the wishes

  4. Interesting how we can turn to our blogs when everyone else is snoring away! And they always come when we call!

    Stev: Ahhh. Almost as fun as having an imaginary friend 😉

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