Recovering (Hopefully)

26th Blog Your Blessings

Just a very short update to say I am thankful that I am recovering from a bout of illness

Suspect it to be related to many factors including work-stress, exposure to cold weather and swapping saliva (she was sick & stole my food)

Feeling much better as of today. But had been reasonably constant pain the last 2 days. Happening less intermittently now but pangs still occur whenever I think of work. heh.

Hmm. This sounds like a sick blog now. Am guessing that this is how blog authors who blog about their illness do their blogging (no offense meant though)

I guess most likely the next post after this will be a happy post ’cause we all need some sunshine between the rain


7 thoughts on “Recovering (Hopefully)

  1. Health is a blessing we take for granted until we lose it for awhile. I am glad you are feeling better.

    Stev: So true. True indeed. Eating ‘real’ food again was indeed a blessing

  2. I am glad that you are feeling better now.

    Get well soon and then maybe you can get back to work too.

    Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead.

    Stev: Actually took 1 day off followed by the weekend to recuperate and then it’s back to work once again! Stress is back to manageable levels tho after the step back. And thanks =)

  3. I’m glad you’re better! Thanks for offering up such a nice blog to visit.

    Stev: Thanks & I’m glad I’m able to entertain people in my health & sickness 😛

  4. swapping saliva??? O_o”
    u make it sound like she stole food from ur mouth.. now tat is sick :-S

    ….or did u enjoy it a lil too much? 😉

    anyway get well soon buddy ^_^

    Stev: Hmm. For the sake of intellectual (hah) argument, is it possible to steal food from someone else’s mouth?

    Note: That’s a real question & not sacarsm

  5. Hope you and your blog gets better soon
    And not forgetting your saliva swapping partner too

    Stev: Thanks both her & I are recovering 😉

    She needs a scarf though. Hmm.

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