Coffee Haiku

Coffee running thru
Inexplicable bliss-dom
Coffee I missed yer

7 thoughts on “Coffee Haiku

  1. Do i get a prize if i am the 1st to post a reply for the 3 consecutive postsin a row? 😉

    Anyway~~~ i seem to have developed resistance to coffee -.-” it doesnt work for me anymore… damn it

    and wtf is a haiku again? it sounds like a akward poem :-s no offence ya

    Stev:afraid not but you get err… goodwill from me 😉

    For me coffee is (usually) more for enjoyment rather than caffeine induced stay awake-ness

    Yups haiku = awkward poem

  2. I enjoyed this poem. As I read it, I saw myself standing by my own pot while it finishes brewing. Nothing’s better than that first a.m. cup, when you have to do nothing but stand still, take in the day, and let it cool a little! I enjoy your poems.

    Stev: Now to find time for the first cup every morning. Other then that totally agreed!

  3. stev…. arent you suppose to STAY AWAY from coffee while recovering?

    im no heavy coffee drinker, but i like the smell of coffee!

    @wsg: haiku are really short poems. and 10 times less wordy than usual.

    Stev: It’s a reward for getting well 😛

  4. Have a cup of tea please, that’s from Ratchet MD….:D

    Stev: *chuckles* transformers is in the town & pretty impressive from the looks of it

  5. How come? Did you ditched your beloved coffee somewhere along the line?

    It’s biatch trying to get my body rid of this heavenly stuff. I gave up already. 😛

    Stev: Ahaha. Just a slight break just long enough to recover from illness 😉

  6. When I first read it, somewhere past 3am, I read it as “Chim chimeree chim chimeroo something something coffee.” Looks like you’re not the only one who needs caffeine, heh heh.

    Stev: ar-wooo~! Oops. Must be the moo… err… lack of caffeine! heh heh.

  7. I am typing this at 2am (mugging for an exam while blog-surfing :P), and if you cut me open now, instead of blood, you’d probably get rivers of dark-liquid, either coffee or tea.

    Caffeine. Getting students through medical school everywhere.

    Stev: LOL I think that would make a good tag-line

    “Caffeine – Getting students through med schools everywhere”

    PS. Incidentally my wallpaper at the moment says: “Coffee – because sometimes we all need a friend”

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