Death and Other

I almost lied. Luckily the coffee (and a long-time friend) dropped into the picture before this rather darker post (although on a note I find it more fascinating than morbid)

So what comes after life? Does one reincarnate or become reborn? Do you go to heaven or hell? Or is there really nothing or purgatory?

Are you deeds of both kind recorded & played back to you like a movie? Are your sins both large & small weighed against a (very heavy) golden feather? Do your actions have an effect of your after/next life?

Has any of these really been proven? Are OBEs really just hallucinations we experience? Or how about those who clinically died but miraculously revived who described the beyond as merely a full stop. Nothing.

Do we argue and theorize? Do we listen to the voice of religion of what to expect? Or do we simply not care or even refuse to even bother thinking about it?

What about the pearly gates or the dark river ride? How does science and our rapidly shrinking earth come into the equation in heaven/hell/other versus the universe? Is death really a state of mind?

8 thoughts on “Death and Other

  1. YES 1st again!! : p ~~~~Anyway back to the topic……

    Don’t u recall me asking u this question to u in high school? About if u believe is there life after death… heaven or hell etc etc? ^_^ hehe..
    Honestly back then i was sooo bothered by this.. it was so bad tat i dare not sleep at night fearing i would never wake up in the morning 😛 haha…..

    So in the wat was my conclusion after all tat?


    ….i realized…

    ………..Life is too short….

    ………………..and i shouldnt make it shorter by worrying… 😀

    Does it really matter wats in the after-life??
    Is there is only the abyss or heaven or hell or a cyber cafe?? (pls let there be CCs and ANIME) 😛
    No1 really knows for sure… (nor can they prove it)

    but wat is certain is tat DEATH is INEVITABLE!!
    and what ever comes after tat is ALSO inevitable….

    Yes its sounds freaking depressing but its a fact..
    …or we can all freeze ourselves n hope when we wake up in 9090AD they have found a cure for death! 😮 imagine all the anime i have to catch up on!! 😮

    ….so why question the inevitable?

    Just make the best of watever time we have left on this earth to the fullest… be HAPPY!! go watch more anime.. play more DOTA.. go cinema wif friends to watch transformers…
    ……as we will probably live thru this life only once (i think : p)

    And if i do end up in the black abyss.. at least i will have my sweet memories of the times spent wif my family and my dear friends to keep my company ^_^

    P.s i will definately miss the gang the most.. :,)

    Stev: Mmm. Yeah I recall you asking me that faintly. Actually not. But then we did talk a bit on a lot of stuff 😛

    Yeah life is short and we should make the most of it instead of worrying about it. Still, it’s intriguing and therefore we should sometimes put a few minutes into pondering about it just for fun.

    Memories eh? mmm…

  2. that’s a very nice picture of autumn you have on your blog.
    I wonder where it is? reminds me of China actually.

    Stev: o/t: Thanks. Honestly, I have no idea. It’s the default picture of the MistyLook theme on WordPress.

    I wonder as well. Would have guessed more of an European country in Autumn. Still now that you mention it, there’s a possibility of China as well 😉

  3. I think OBE and NDE (near death experiences) are real phenomena, not imagined. Or imaginary.

    Know this cos I had one myself.

    Stev: Would love to hear more about your experiences

  4. Interesting. I have often wondered to what extent the metaphors of the afterlife have been taken for the real thing, that spiritual transformation is taken as a change of address. I think here and now are good. I have managed to convince myself that Beyond is also Here.

    I attended a wake recently. The priest said, “If you don’t believe in God, if this is it for you, then okay, you’ve had a good run.” I thought it was interesting that he equated God with eternity.

    Stev: Beyond is also Here. Interesting indeed. Liked the way the priest thought as well.

  5. “People care because they’re alive, if their dead,they cant.”
    The reason for one to care only exists because one is alive. If one dies there would be no reason to care.

    Stev: Very true indeed that we are often afraid of what we don’t know. And we care because of the circumstances surrounding us at present. Thus does death solve all problems? No men no problems?

  6. stev,
    I was with one of my uncles right before he died and witnessed his “welcoming” to the afterlife, which my personal thought is heaven. He was dying of cancer with pneumonia complications and had been out of it for hours. The family had gathered knowing this was probably going to be the end of his life. I was in the room with him when all of a sudden he opened his eyes wide and smiled and started talking to his mother. His mother had been gone for over 20 years at that point. He called her by name, answering yes several times to questions I assumed she was asking him. His face was just glowing with happiness and the last thing he said was, “I am on my way.” He passed away 15 minutes later. I will never forget that as long as I live. The look on his face will never leave me. Total, pure happiness. That sealed the deal for me. hugsssssssssssssss

    Stev: Amazing. Thanks for sharing. *hugs*

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