More Changes

27th Sunday of Blessings

Why Changes
This week indeed is an apt week to give thanks to change. Below will be detailed some of the changes seen quite lately and the impact of change.

Startling Discoveries
Well, not really. But it was good to see that some of the setbacks seen lately affects others from all walks of life. That the story of people losing large amounts of savings due to failed businesses, MLMs or even scams are (sadly) very common. And seeing these very same folks pick themselves up gives the rest of us a sense of hope and a dose of can-do.

Other Mini-Revelations
Found that the prescription for my spectacle lenses were off. Way off. (Power only at about ~125 but was prescribed ~225. Heh.) And that another health-related issue faced was actually something totally different from what doctors had been telling me in the past. Interesting indeed. Plus a change in my seating place at work, finishing & starting a new project, a new hairstyle and a change of life goals in mind.

Crystal-ball Gazing
Seeing things in motion once again gladdens the heart. That finances are looking well and yet many more things to grow on. That work is still joyful and once a while catch myself thinking about ways to continue to improve and make things better (because I’m loving it!) Sort of like the precious experiences learnt when I used to MMORPG as the leader of a guild in WoW.

Embracing Change
Does give a nice warm sense of knowing where you are headed to although of course one cannot predict all the twists, turns and bends in the road ahead. Some very simple yet wise words that a friend mentioned lately ring true “If you want something really badly and are motivated to work for it, you will definitely achieve it”. Guess we could all do with some transforming ourselves.

How would you usually approach change in your life?

6 thoughts on “More Changes

  1. Full speed ahead! I do not like living in limbo: trying to find a house, looking for a new job, etc. Once I know what is going to happen, I have no problems.

    Its it not knowing that drives me nuts.

    Stev: True indeed to just zone in on the target & go full throttle ahead. I’ll keep that in mind 😉

  2. Change usually doesn’t wait for me to figure it out! I usually go in with two feet, deal with what’s there, and then when the dust settles wonder what happened. The trick is to wonder with the right person beside you!

    Stev: *chuckles* yeah the person with you does make a difference =)

    Thought: Most seem to just decide to take the plunge in immediately huh?

  3. with the right person at my side, i can face up to any changes. left on my own? hmm… nope.gonna resist every changes tt comes my way..


    Stev: mmm. I think it’s like white water rafting/kayaking/surfing – you gotta go with the flow yet of course continue maneuvering to ensure you’re heading the right way

  4. The fact is I have a lot of inertia, that is to say I dont like changes. I wish and hope for things to continue as they are.

    And as someone who wears galsses, did you not have alot of problems with the wrong prescription? how long did you wear the wrong ones??

    Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead!

    Stev: Lots of inertia eh. That’s an interesting way to put it =>

    Hmm. Well the vision was about the same whether with both prescriptions. Just was not aware of it I guess.

  5. God bless your Sunday, Stev! Good to revisit this post and think about it today.

    Stev: Thanks. I’ll post my write-up for this week soon as well (Hey at least it’s still on a Sunday and not on a Mon/Tue like the past few ones… :P)

  6. I do not mind change, it is the unknown or uncertainty that drives me crazy. Throw anything at me, but let me get on with it. I am the type of person you want around in a crisis, but you will have to help me select wall paper. Does that make sense?

    Stev: Surprisingly a lot of sense actually. That’s a pretty good strength as well too.

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