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Random Statement: I like ‘A Martyr for the Love of You’ from White Stripe‘s Icky Thump Album; On Topic: 28th Sunday of Blessing Bloggings

Modern FurniturePicture
Picture-perfect that is. For what do you see when you think of modern living? Do high-rise buildings come to mind? The hustle & bustle of the city? I view mine as a blessing though with all the creature comforts of technology & life today. Of sleek simple chic apartments with neat views at night. With a mixture of soft sleek durable sofas, stainless steel kitchens and solid metal techno-quipment.

Since Sunday being a day of rest & all that, it certainly is apt to see how else modern living has made our Sundays more of how we want to live them. Be it to throw a small day-long open door invitation to friends, to spending time with family from the morning dim sum breakfast to a lunch at a nice family-friendly restaurant (real restaurant & not McD or KFC…) or to simply lie back for a nice well-deserved siesta. Have a problem? With money you can just call the Fix-It guy (they were giving out adverts lately) to settle all your house-related issues from changing the broken fuse to making sure all your table legs are the same length. Living you resting (both well-assured and well-rested)

A Couple of Millions
With inflation, maintaining one’s standard of living, early retirement & generally longer life-spans being attractive to many, estimated are given at about 2.5million dollars to be able to retire comfortably at the age on 55. Still one ponders how much of that is truth, and how much of that is fiction in our modern (+ future lives)? Is it a lie from those in the financial/investment related industries? Or rather merely a guideline warning then we gotta really live within our means & continue saving for the rainy days (so we can fly over to Mauritius?)

And yet strangely modern living (at least to my weird eye) equates books & reading (blogging too that is). Or rather a better way to put it would be knowledge and information. For the world truly is getting smaller in the sense that it takes little time & effort to find out about things 3 quarters of the world away. That good things & bad things alike are more difficult to hide as information becomes more & more available. That’s why blogging fills up this role admirably creating a reasonably safe social experience allowing us to see things from the street eye level of another’s lenses (after filtering away all the money-making/product-selling blogs of course – no offense πŸ˜‰ )

To Live Life in Perspective
Being the modern dream to travel far & exotically, work & play hard, and own multiple properties. But then it depends a lot on our own perspective of things. Whether perspective says owning an iPhone is the secret to happiness, a walk in a field of sunflowers every Sunday or baking fresh bread (the secret is in the kneading). For the biggest luxury of living in the modern times comes down to choice of the individual and not being stuck as Mrs Baker or Mr HeWhoPicksUpCowDung. Pretty good moving forward with the times ain’t it?

What and why is modern living so appealing?

7 thoughts on “Modern Living

  1. Happy BYB Sunday!
    Gosh, you are going to make me think already! LOL Modern living like everything, has its pros and cons…………but, if it means going postal everytime a “modern” appliance or computer or whatever goes bad and you get all whacked out………..!
    I guess my age is showing. (grinning) I like to keep things as simple as possible. What is it they say? The more you have, the more you want.

    Stev: hehe. Thinking is good right? πŸ˜‰

    hmm. Going postal ain’t good I would say for all of us (cursing under one’s breathe would be so much more acceptable) πŸ˜›

    agreed. A fav quote would be “Simplicity is life’s greatest sophistication” ~ Leonardo DaVinci

  2. Modern living definitely has it’s plus’s, but I think it’s necessary for balance to insert Nature into the mix. All of the things you mentioned sound very appealing. Life is short, and I don’t buy into the saving for retirement programming.

    Stev: Good to get your brief thoughts into the retirement programming. Hmm. Any explanations why if you don’t mind me asking? =)

    True that we all need a bit of green. Heck I’m not much of a green guy but I certainly do.

  3. So long as I can have my computer – the rest I can do without.

    I need nature, greenery, hills, sea, water and as few people as possible.

    (this might be my age showing here!)

    Stev: *chuckles* I would agree to the PC bit + net connection of course πŸ˜‰

    Hmm. Agreed as well to the nature, greenery & water bits. As for people, would be good to have only a few close ones near. And the rest a short distance away if you ever want the added company.

  4. Typing in front of my laptop while sitting naked in a cool mountain with morning breeze ? Classic.

    Stev: Very zen I’m sure (just don’t post any pix πŸ˜‰ )

  5. A good thing about life in our time I think is that technology allows us to connect with loved ones as easily and as frequently as we wish and to find the information and answers we need more easily.

    Stev: That is a very good summary indeed. Viva la technology.

  6. I guess every kinds of living that we like has its own pros and cons.


    Stev: True true. On a totally unrelated note I like your new modern home


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