A very impromptu off-the-cuff post & in no particular order. Also my erm… 28th-31st Blog Your Blessings post πŸ˜‰

We are as men made up from our experiences. Every single memory both good, bad or somewhere in between fallen between the cracks. Yet each & every one of these experiences are largely priceless in shaping who we are today. Like those who say that they would give up anything to gain a certain skill or talent. And the artist who replies, who says I haven’t?

Triathlons are there so we can swim across the deepest seas, climb the highest mountains & err… enjoy cycling. Thus men is indeed made to challenge his or her elements. Like oft said, a balance is always best – too much pressure and even the hardest iron bends, too little stress and we find ourselves leaving for the next thing to challenge us. Thus the irony remains that the biggest challenge is to find challenge itself.

For what would life be without friends (and family)? Even the biggest challenge accomplished lacks the sense of satisfaction without friends around to share it with. Friends of course do come & go over time & tide, yet this doesn’t mean that we should stop seeking to lend or get a hand… or a hug we need.

Because there was a dream, now beauty & majesty exists. And what differentiates us is our ability to dream. Dreaming a many-splendor dream more colorful than Josh’s rainbow robe. Dreams which drive, which envelop us & make us almost burst at our seams to contain the excitement within us. Now, that’s magic.

And everyday, we are pleased & say that we need to rest. To take time for a deep breath & to smell the sweet, sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee (A java blend to be exact). To stretch up with a favorite book, or curl up under the sheets with a steaming bowl of soup if that’s your thing. For when it’s all said & done, Jack was right that work, play & rest is something we could all do with a healthy does of.


6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. It is indeed a blessing to have:

    Memories – both sweet & bitter.. they can only make us better people.

    Challenges – we’re already facing them by simply living life everyday.

    Friends – who truly care & good friends whom we can really depend on for strength especially when we’re at our lowest.

    Dreams – any dream will do (as the song of the rainbow robe goes..)

    Rest – that’s my “me” time.

    Happy weekend, Stev. πŸ™‚

    Stev: True that memories help form us / Daily life challenges eh – that’s good / That’s what friends are really for (besides drinking beer with) / Ooo. There’s a rainbow robe song? πŸ˜‰ / ME > ALL! ^__^

    Thanks it’s been a blast, and likewise I hope yours has been as well Jemima

  2. Memories – Unbalance, be it good or bad will make us ignorant of others’ feelings.

    Challenges – nothing worst than form 6, enuff said.

    Friends – they come and go, but some has been truly good to be and I have been grateful.

    Dreams – wet dreams, dry dreams, all serve as a self pleasure purpose, be it arousal or relax, or best of all, getting away from realities.

    Rest – the best word ever.

    Stev: Ignorance is bliss? / Mmm… some pretty dark period eh / Good friends are indeed a blessing we can count with one hand / Trust you to think about wet dreams πŸ˜‰ / Agreed (except for them eternal ones)

  3. Memories – they anchor us to withstand the blows of the present in all its unpredictability.

    Challenges – no need to fight the waves; so much of being challenged means being creative.

    Friends – they do come and go, but the ones who stick around and take you as you are, well, there’s no need for more than one.

    Dreams – all of what you have said.

    Rest – Time to dream. That’s what’s great about Sunday!

    Stev: Reaching back for a happy moment when we need it is always good / Creatively reading the waves? Surf’ on babe! / I’m greedy. I want more than one. *pouts* πŸ˜‰ / Dream your fav dream… / You go Sunday!

  4. Memories are our roots – our stepping stones our foundations – be they good or bad, they are what make us.

    Challenges today are what make the memories of tomorrow. They are what shape us now.

    β€œWhat ought one to say then as each hardship comes? I was practising for this, I was training for this” – Epictetus (55-135 AD) Greek Philosopher

    Friends – the family we choose for ourselves – those who know everything about us and still decide to stay.

    Dreams bring hope – we all need hope.

    @Nicola: πŸ™‚ nothing more to say to that!!

    Rest – the time taken out to appreciate what we have and what out hard work has achieved.

    Happy BYB Sunday!

  5. Memories of a time and place that may or may not have existed.

    Challenges are stumbling blocks, usually of our own making, that we must find our way around to stay on our life path

    Friends are the steady rocks when we are crossing the stream.

    Dreams are what we may be, either our best or our worst.

    Rest and contemplation are times of rejuvenation and when we are closest to God.

    @CyberCelt: couldn’t have put it better πŸ™‚

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