Highschool Flashbacks

By popular request πŸ˜›

Pigs For Sale
It may come as a surprise to some that my formative (grin) years of old in high school were spent at Penang Free School which was founded in 1816 being the oldest school in Malaya (Malaysia).

Yours truly was never the one to get close much to ‘cikgus’. Still, in retrospect a few teachers did probably like me for reasons unbeknown to me. And on the other hand, a few teachers do stand out over the years including the serious joker ‘Lima Sen’, the joyfully outwardly fierce ‘KKT’ and the notoriously bitchy ‘A.C.’. Some were of course good or even great teachers, while sadly a large number fell into the category of ho-hum-ness (which is pretty fine by my books as well).

Most new students who step in the halls often find themselves getting lost in the first week or so due to the size of the area and the long corridors. Yet ’til today the building grounds stay firmly implanted in my mind and one does get the sense of respectability and historical culture that comes from buildings built in yesteryear. Popular spots in memory include the Editorial Board Room, Board of Wardens room, the basketball court, the canteen & the various routes we used to escape from school…

Friends make up part of the most poignant memories of high school. For what is any establishment but for her people? From talking about sex in the science labs in lower secondary, to the aforementioned playing truant from school, to smuggling ‘illegal’ stuff into school, and… to learning in a conducive environment with friends from various backgrounds & mentalities.

Strong and Faithful
Penning this post did indeed bring up a few memories from times past. Yet on a sad note, relationships are still somewhat estranged from the current form of establishment due to occurrences such as the failure of going by meritocracy for new student enrollments, and the perceived destruction of school culture by certain parties or people. Memories, however, are a lot stronger than these petty stuff – and will remain for much longer.

6 thoughts on “Highschool Flashbacks

  1. I am sure you’re one of your English teachers’ faves. πŸ˜›

    Those were the days.. I treasure my wonderful memories of school regardless of number.

    These days.. it’s the society’s perception & exposure to mass media that has changed the school culture.

    Stev: *chuckles* maybe only one or two

    V glad that you have fond memories

    How do you think society’s perception & exposure to mass media changed the school culture?

  2. when i was in Std 4, i first stepped into PFS. and every kid knows the moniker Pig For Sale.

    The irony… i am part of that 7 years later!!!

    PFS is definitely a place where new students will get lost. including yours truly even i’ve been there a few times before.

    but i guess in the heart of all true Frees despite the standard of the school then and now, “it’s for the brave and for the true.”

    Stev: “Panties For Sale” make a good moniker too ^^

    Ironic is what life excels at – Glad that you can still remember the school rally πŸ˜›

  3. So, are you perchance the English teacher’s pet? Hehehe.
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed writing this post. Now I know you are one of the piggies in PFS. LOL.

    Thanks for indulging me with this post.

    Stev: You are most welcome for the indulgence

    Nope… not anyone’s pet… nor farm animal for the matter πŸ˜›

  4. Well the post brought back memories from my school days.

    I changed about 5 schools during the ten years of my schooling, so there are a lot of memories there and a lot of friends too. Though now, I think I have lost touch with most of them. That is the way life goes, I guess.

    Stev: Whoa, that’s a lot of changing. Moved or traveled a lot?

    Glad that your wonderful memories from school are still with you.

  5. This post kicked up the dust in my mind, too–particularly the lost-down-the-long-corridor feeling. It’s amazing how much is the same the world over, which is something this post teaches me.

    I’m always intrigued that, though I live in the same area I grew up in, I see so few of the old faces. I wonder if we’ve changed in appearance and disposition or just moved on?

    Thanks for a thoughtful post.

    Happy BYB Sunday.

    Stev: *chuckles* Possibly we are all more alike then we think =)

    Good question that as well. Sometimes many of us do move on to various green (not necessarily greener though) pastures out there. There’s a place for all of us depending on our own choices. Still our world’s always been a very small place.

  6. You are also a PFS boy? Oh my my. *private joke to self*

    What’s with Malaysian schools and their acronyms anyway?

    Stev: πŸ˜‰

    Mmm… well acronyms are fun no?

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