No, in case anyone was wondering, this isn’t about any relationship or anyone in particular 😉 Still it was a good moment to sit back and reflect (rather abstractly I would say) on life and the people in it in general.

Paths Crossed
And by perchance or some would say fate, our lives pass by at this intersecting junction. We smile, nod and say our hellos – strangers becoming acquaintances as we head down the same road. Taking in the sights and sounds, we make small take to pass the time. Journeying together down this fair weather road, we find…

Similarities Attract?
That we enjoy each other’s company. A strange mix one might say – to find that we have so much in common, yet so much in difference from each other. Unable to decide whether similarities or opposites attract, we leave the question for another day and just let the golden rays continue shining while we continue walking. Sunny days and also rainy days pass as we find each other implicitly learning to trust one another. Yet as in all relationships we find…

Scales of Balance
Ourselves questioning at times how strong the bonds of our relationship have become. Are we giving too much, or too little – we wonder yet find ourselves chastising ourselves a little at this small selfish thoughts. Yet mayhap it is right that we remain a little wary – as that is at least one thing experience has taught us. For like any account in life, the scales need to remain roughly in equilibrium – in balance for everything to stay healthy and well. And time continues to pass us by day by day…

Time and Tide…
For we find that the tide with the pull of wane of the moon continues caressing the shorelines. The trees ever slowly but surely changing with the seasons from the freshness of youth, to the strength of life, to the fading beauty of change, to the peaceful tranquility of rest, and back to the freshness of new life once again. Thus the seasons creep upon us with most of us largely unaware…

Ever-flowing Cuppeth
‘Til we find ourselves a little older and a little wiser. Maybe a little more creased and sun-beaten on the surface as well. Yet some of our life’s companions have been with us through it all – despite the ups and downs of the hills and scales. And we celebrate once again whenever it feels prim and proper – be it with a simple meal or champagne flutes clinking or steady mugs of hot aromatic coffee. Happily ever after and more.

Exercise for Meditation

35th Week of Blessings – Just because sometimes we need to just ‘step’ away from the world of a while

To just run
And move one’s feet
In rhythmic cadence
Not stopping as one knows not
When one step becomes
The next
To continue moving
In motion
Thus forgetting
The things on one’s mind
The jumble of thoughts
Worries notwithstanding
Dissipating into

You run on…

A Racy Topic

A touchy topic indeed which I once upon a time submitted to BlogTalkers which I was once briefly a member of. Yet since the topic came up &, it’s only fair that I gave my 30+20 cents on the issue. The questions is – “How important are the issues of race/ethnicity towards building a stable country/government? And what are your views on immigrants & immigration laws?”

What are you?
I would say it’s sad indeed if you answered the above question by saying you were Malay, Chinese or Indian. Yet is it our fault that we were brought up with much cultural stereotyping whereby all the friends in the stories would always include a Ali, Ah Chong & Muthu. Should not we be more identifiable as Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporeans, Jamaicans or even as just Homo sapiens?

A Helping Hand
A lot actually depends on how large we see the pie as. Will the pie get bigger and bigger if we cut more slices? Or for the rare few, does the pie even matter at all? Look outside the window & see the vast progress shown by countries such as Dubai in recent years. Shouldn’t we be concentrating on of moving forward? Shouldn’t we be working towards stability in all areas? For how can we progress without stability & visioning of the future?

As a plug, I would like to highlight for the non-Malaysians on the blog that it’s her 50th year of independence in 2007. Thus that little plug before shows that many of us despite our cynicism, sacarsm & ‘tak apa’ ism still do actually have pride in our country. And likewise I’m sure citizens of whichever country are proud of their respective countries as well no matter how far from home they may be.

Greener Grass?
And despite the misleading reports &, a lot of emigration is being seen with many seeking pastures out there due to reasons such as higher pay & a better environment. Yet of course Malaysia herself finds an influx as well. Thus worldwide we see a lot of movement with people everywhere being more mixed up & rojaked culturally & racially. Rather than viewing the grass as greener anywhere, what matters more is our perception & needs. Sort of like picking stocks I guess whereby mere speculation is probably going to do the average Jane or Joe more harm than good. Balance it all up & decide based your head & heart…

There’s the saying that home is where the heart is. As long as one has heart & one perseveres despite the odds. As long as one gives one’s best and fights tooth & nail, yet remains reasonable & accepting of the decisions we have to accept – we will find that we will make the best of each & every situation. For with heart, 3 quarters of the battle is already won.

(Another good read here by MadamSpud169)

Life Partners

Had an interesting conversation with an old childhood friend whom I had not seen in quite a length of time as he was out of the country completing his studies & applying for PR abroad as well. He was actually back on leave to plan for his wedding to his longtime sweetheart, and while we chatted, the topic of life partners came up as well…

Apples on a Tree
Like many things in life, we have many choices – including looking for your partner or soulmate to share life with. The saying goes that there are many fish in the sea, flowers in the garden & apples on a tree. So how does one know who is the right person for you & me? Some believe in soulmates – the one & only. While the more pragmatic ones say that the DNA of life allows for many more permutations of people we can be with who fit us glove to hand. Still as most wiser ones would tell you – do take your time to see the world & see more people before making a conscious choice of your life partner.

Howdy Partner!
Unlike the gung-ho anything goes “Hey Partner!” in western serials, choosing a life partner is anything but. What does a partner mean to us? Is it someone to share our life’s trials & tribulations, joys & sorrows with? How does one make a choice of who is going to be the significant person in our lives? Do we make a list with all the criteria we look for? How do we know how much or how little we can accept of someone’s cute flaws that may possibly loom ominous once the proverbial yoke is placed on our back (the wedding ring in other words). Do we & should we at some point settle for less?

Forever & Ever
The union of man & woman is supposed to be for eternal bound. Yet what is the sanctity of marriage in today’s world? Does not tying the knot formally mean that a couple is any less together? And even for those who do get married formally, isn’t ending apart in divorce merely a few (stacks) of paper (and counseling) away? Does staying together & knowing each others flaws prove to strengthen the relationship, or is it merely an excuse to get together for wild raunchy pre-marital sex? How long is forever?

In-Laws & Miscellaneous
By my books, the person I end up with would be the person most important in my life, and I would expect vice-versa. But many of us have many other priorities in life – be it our parents, family, god-mother, career, wealth or friends that we place in much higher priority. Is it possible for things to work out if both have different priorities, despite the said willingness to compromise? How about the factor of mother-in-laws

Growing Old Together
Yet with all that said and all the cold water sloshing around, life partners remain a blessing indeed. To have someone to love, to cherish & to share our life with is one of the best gifts in life itself. To grow old, wrinkled & out of shape, yet share many many wonderful things together – why maybe we’ve found our heaven on earth after all.


“The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A Death! What’s that, a bonus? I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, get it out of the way. Then you live in an old age home. You get kicked out when you’re too young, you get a gold watch, you go to work. You work forty years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You do drugs, alcohol, you party, you get ready for high school. You go to grade school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a little baby, you go back into the womb, you spend your last nine months floating…

…and you finish off as an orgasm.” ~ George Carlin quotes (32nd BYB)

Life without Humor
… is akin to life without rain. We all need a bit of sunshine in our lives. A reason to laugh at something funny or a witty comment. A reason to stretch those 17 muscles. For amongst the clouds of gray, humor comes in as those bursts of light penetrating within. And these few moments indeed can make our day, and our world a better place.

The colors of Humor
… is vast and varied. Like chocolate and sex, some like it dark, whipped or just plain ol’ vanilla. For humor indeed is interpreted by us differently ranging from crude jokes involving blonds & little Timmy, to sophisticated jokes which are punny puns on the language (bad pun intended).

Humor Applied
… is actually simple indeed – all it takes is to have a positive and lighter view of things in life. To see the silver lining behind every dark cloud. To find humor which warms and drives us forward even in the bleakest of time. Miracle turned fact indeed in our modern age that humor indeed heals even what the best doctor and surgeons cannot heal sometimes.

What Humor is Not
… is a bit to ponder upon. Why do some jokes fail? Why do comedians need to gauge their audience before telling jokes? Some jokes… ok… most jokes are generally possibly sensitive to certain parties especially when a certain party is the butt of the joke. Yet we are all a little bit racist, and yet we still laugh at jokes, because a lot of humor pokes fun at real life.

The Best Blessing
… indeed is humor in its truest form. To entertain and to make us laugh. To make conversations lively, engaging and keep us from falling asleep. To poke fun at ourselves and the world at large – not because we can, but because we want everyone to just relax a ‘lil bit more and take a spoonful of sugar every now and then. Humor right down to it, that’s the right medicine that hits the funny button.

So what sort of humor makes you LOL? Or what is the funniest joke you’ve ever had?