No, in case anyone was wondering, this isn’t about any relationship or anyone in particular 😉 Still it was a good moment to sit back and reflect (rather abstractly I would say) on life and the people in it in general.

Paths Crossed
And by perchance or some would say fate, our lives pass by at this intersecting junction. We smile, nod and say our hellos – strangers becoming acquaintances as we head down the same road. Taking in the sights and sounds, we make small take to pass the time. Journeying together down this fair weather road, we find…

Similarities Attract?
That we enjoy each other’s company. A strange mix one might say – to find that we have so much in common, yet so much in difference from each other. Unable to decide whether similarities or opposites attract, we leave the question for another day and just let the golden rays continue shining while we continue walking. Sunny days and also rainy days pass as we find each other implicitly learning to trust one another. Yet as in all relationships we find…

Scales of Balance
Ourselves questioning at times how strong the bonds of our relationship have become. Are we giving too much, or too little – we wonder yet find ourselves chastising ourselves a little at this small selfish thoughts. Yet mayhap it is right that we remain a little wary – as that is at least one thing experience has taught us. For like any account in life, the scales need to remain roughly in equilibrium – in balance for everything to stay healthy and well. And time continues to pass us by day by day…

Time and Tide…
For we find that the tide with the pull of wane of the moon continues caressing the shorelines. The trees ever slowly but surely changing with the seasons from the freshness of youth, to the strength of life, to the fading beauty of change, to the peaceful tranquility of rest, and back to the freshness of new life once again. Thus the seasons creep upon us with most of us largely unaware…

Ever-flowing Cuppeth
‘Til we find ourselves a little older and a little wiser. Maybe a little more creased and sun-beaten on the surface as well. Yet some of our life’s companions have been with us through it all – despite the ups and downs of the hills and scales. And we celebrate once again whenever it feels prim and proper – be it with a simple meal or champagne flutes clinking or steady mugs of hot aromatic coffee. Happily ever after and more.


13 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. i think even in life we will continuously meet new people, some will stay and some will eventually fade away.

    as we grow older and wiser, from a whole football field full of acquaintance we know… only a handful will remain with us and somehow have made a difference in our life in their own unique way(s).

    do we tend to remember these people more, treasuring and appreciating them, compared to those that fade in time due to nothing that attracts at all and/or we made the choice to do so?

    mayhaps = maybe + perhaps? did you just coined that up??

    Stev: Hmm. True that when we think bank at the football field or fields that our life has chance encountered with, only a very few handful are those who have made an impact in some way or another. I guess back to memories, we do then to treasure those handful more because they trigger back a good feeling or moment from onceuponatime.

    Mayhaps I did 😉

  2. A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.

    Loyalty is an essential ingredient for true friendship; It is the emotional glue that bonds people.

    Those that are rich in relationships tend to be steady and true friends.

    When troubles come, a good friend is there indicating you can count on him/her.

    Stev: Hmm. Not easy to find indeed those that walk in the other direction. Totally agreed with you on the last line that.

  3. This is very beautiful. You describe a lovely and peaceful walk. Made me think of my parents’ friends, whom they’ve known all their adult lives, who were visiting yesterday. The friendship flows and grows. There’s no question about it. I thought how nice to live in a time and place people took the time to be friends instead of rushing around worrying about the next thing. In the final analysis, this is the true measure of wealth.

    Stev: I like the imagery of friendship flowing and growing. I really should stop and smell the neighbor’s roses a bit more often. (Really!)

  4. Relationships; people come and go all the time.

    This is what I’ve learned throughout the relationships ( as in friendships ) that I had had with people. If they choose to stick through thick and thin, it’s wonderful but some when they’ve found new cliques, they’d leave. Painful, but acceptance has to come because I would not want to douse the possibility of my living happily.


    Though these people fade away towards the twilight zone, they did and do teach you certain things.

    Am I right?!

    Stev: Mmm. Yeah it is about acceptance that people do come in and out of our lives. Maybe I accept that too easily.

    Good guess (very Tuesdays with Morrie) but not quite tho 😛


    capslock abuse is my new hobby

    Stev: some day. maybe. heh 😛

  6. When love blossom between 2 opposite, jealousy follows and the attempt to break the bond commences. It’s inevitable and it all depends on both of them whether they can take the heat or not.

    Whatever the result, things between them will never be the same, it changes people, it changes their lives, it changes….them all.

    All they need is time, and patience, and most of them lack both when it comes to this, as they have been repeatly beaten by a monster called “desperation”.

    Stev: Love is never easy… to maintain. And how has love changed you if you don’t mind me asking?

  7. Stev. I like your poem below. Reminds me of reading I have done on walking meditation. For me it takes the shape of your poem, though at a slower pace! Thanks for sharing this.

    Stev: Glad you enjoyed it

    Mmm… walking meditation. Maybe i should go look that up

  8. hmm.. now i can confirm for sure, you’re in love! haha.. you never used to blog like this..

    i agree with jemima n kyles. most of my friends tends to wander when there are “better” friends/cliques.only a few remained faithful and loyal to me.lolx..

    remember i said checklist for bf/gf was useless? i found in this case checklist for friends are pretty useful.for friendship, i value loyalty above all else. of coz he/she muz not be a fair weather friend either.. if they can pass my “cranky mood” phase, they’re worth it. 😀 so far.. only 3.haha.. including jack.

    Stev: Loyalty & surviving the other’s cranky moody moods gets one extra brownie points 😉

    err… maybe i’m in love w/o knowing it ><

  9. Your posts are becoming far and few in between – so i guess you must be either

    1) in love
    2) turned into a hermit and are meditating on some remote mountain top about the meaning of life 😉

    Stev: i wish. although both possibilities seem quite intriguing at the moment. *does a bunny like hmm hmm sound*

  10. Awww…the chap is now in love and starts versing out riddle and ryhmes about love…..way to go d man…update me on the latest happenings bro…great blog

    Stev: Damn. I’m in love without realizing it 😛

    Thanks & great to see yer

    I’m guessing you came across the blog from friendster?

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