Utter Ulcer

Having an ulcer 😦 and fever sore throat coughing headache boneache tiredness crankiness moodiness fedupness. Which somehow magically relates to webcomics. Used to have a link on the sidebar in previous blog. Still, here’s the gnu list. Enjoy & would love to hear if you like any of them =)

Actually I just started reading lefthandedtoons today


9 thoughts on “Utter Ulcer

  1. Lefthandedtoons reminds me of the bitter stickgirl from singapore. πŸ˜‰

    Get well soon!!! *hugs*

    Stev: Just finished bitter stickgirl – pretty entertaining & true to life really =)

    Hope so too. Water’s one’s best friend. Not if I only didn’t have to go piss every few minutes…

    err… *hugs*


  2. GASP! U sound terminal! For heaven’s sake pls remember to state in your will all your money and your computer and your car goes to me before u die :p

    p.s Stressfull lately? ^_^ alot of work?

    Stev: Hmm. My pc’s already getting old, the company laptop… well… goes back to the company and car loan’s not paid off yet ><

    you can have my books n dvds tho πŸ˜›

    yeah. bummed with a lot of stuff & sometimes does feel a bit too much for the individual (of coz do get some help from a few others). juggling projects, hiring, people and more projects. gah.

  3. ulcer eh…. what have you been putting in your mouth lately…*ahem*

    nah… i’d blame the weather. even my colleagues are falling ill and could possibly spread to 4 of us in the area.

    get well soon ya!

    Stev: …swt only food my dear

    hope so too! lot of others i know arent exactly in the pink of health at the moment either. heh.

    stay safe! πŸ˜‰

    (dun die of flu at work ><)

  4. You should perry bible fellowship, it’s funny and it’s…christian XD. I pray to the god with many nipples on his head though….

    Stev: Ahh yes the infamous Perry Bible Fellowship. That’s a pretty good one too.

  5. For those who live in pain,
    we ask you to bathe them
    in the river of your healing.

    I still had this on my clipboard from another BYBer. Take care of yourself and have a good day.

    Stev: Thanks for the encouragement =)

  6. Drink some lime mixed with honey… it will soothe ur throat…

    Stev: Thanks! Someone gave me that advise too. Throat feels swell now. Only thing is my throat isn’t too well

    *cough cough*

  7. Hahahahahaha that comic “strip” was real funny. Am I the only one who found it hilarious?

    Hope you’re all fixed up by the time you read this!

    Stev: keke. Feeling swell babe.

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