After shutting down successfully (and procrastinating for the last 2 weeks), Happy 38th Sunday of Blog Your Blessing

Shutdown your laptop. Stop thinking about all your work problems and projects. Weekends and after working hours are a sanctum away from work. Go take a deep breath, a leisurely game of squash or go meet a friend for a cuppa coffee & to chat. Escape.

Work-Life Balance
The truth is in this age, all of us place a larger emphasis on ensuring that we have enough time for work & play. Work-life balance is indeed a critical part of our lives & we will feel stressed out or even violated if work keeps creeping into other areas of our lives. Yet sometimes we ourselves are to blame for when we start showing obsessive workaholic symptoms such as sending out work related email at 1AM in the morning or staying back everyday to work. Let go.

Working Smart
As is many things in life (e.g. overeating, over-exertion, telling bad jokes) too much of anything is never a good thing. Likewise when we put in too much time & effort into work, it actually backfires with us spending more hours accomplishing much less. What is worse is when we work when we are tired or stressed out, us humans tend to make mistakes – and then having to spend even more time fixing those mistakes. In today’s age where there’s so much to do and so little time, the only solution is to work smart. Not hard.

Friends & Family
Like it or not, the old adage still holds true that no man is an island. Our happiness in work, life and in general depends a lot on ourselves and how happy we are with the people around us. Relationships are an important thing, and all relationships do require time & effort. Thus wouldn’t it make sense to spend more time with the many important people in your life rather than keeping company with your notebook? Relationships.

Shutdown Today & Everyday
For those of us who have become so used to working till late at night & on weekends, shutting down & letting go will definitely not be easy. Yet if you intend to not burn out, taking time to slowly cut back on your working hours is a good idea. Give your notebook & your brain some well-earned rest. Rest, reach out & be happy. Not stressed.

7 thoughts on “Shutdown

  1. You called it Shutdown.. I called it Time-Out! πŸ˜‰

    Busy… stressed… overworked. Sometimes we just have to stop whatever we’re doing. Hence, I call a time-out to share my situation with God especially when life is out of balance & I’m feeling kind of crazy. πŸ˜€

    Stev: Kit-kat time! Mmm. Time-outs eh. I think that’s a good idea to practice regularly. Now to change the world…

  2. work hard… PLAY HARDER!!! >:)

    …but “play safe” ya? πŸ˜‰

    p.s I never knew u played squash? πŸ™‚

    p.s.s I’ll be back on this Saturday evening ^_^ so any plans on Sunday? πŸ˜€ …perhaps squash πŸ˜› hehehe~~~

    ah crap.. i need new shoes >_< i dont wanna fall again.. T_T

    Stev: I firmly believe in the powers of durex

    How did you fall? :O Jogging?

  3. Excellent idea! It’s sick to realize how much time we spend working because the one-eyed monster brings work into our homes like a leach! Good ol’ computers.

    So we’re out the door to play on this fall day!

    Happy Blog Your Blessings Sunday.

    Stev: Out of doors! Fall! Many things I like! =)

    Maybe should go to the park sometime soon…

  4. Nice post!

    This work-play balance is really hard to achieve and one has to ensure that one does not do too much of either. But computers, especially the Internet, have made it harder for a person to get out of his room, either at work or home.

    Stev: Balance is often difficult and tricky at best

    So is it the right option to unplug… from the internet? πŸ˜‰

  5. Great post. Even though I work for myself, I have to make myself leave the computer and go do something. My health is suffering because I stay inside all day. Keep reminding us.

    Stev: Ping! Ping! *reminder to take a breather away from the pc*

    well, i do think that what you do is admirable indeed & it shows indeed that amount of effort you put in working for yourself

    stay healthy aite!

  6. it’s definitely a bad location staying in puchong where it’s between tolls to drive. it’s really a pain having to pay to go out!

    oh, shut down computers. shut the hp off too. be completely uncontactable. dont use your car. hop on a bus. go for joyride around places you’d never know how to go or where it leads you. interchange the LRT and monorails. walk around places freely.

    hmm, havent done that for a while.

    Stev: Escape escape. But I kinda like escaping with someone else. Well. Most of the time anyway.

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