Thank God Its Saturday!

We wonder whether we are doing the right thing. Are we trying to live our lives towards meeting the lofty goals that we have set for ourselves? Are we merely bumbling along life happy with just the way things proceed? The days pass by with what & how we fill our lives with be it accompanied by work, studies, listening to mp3s, computer gaming or the wonderful idiot box.

The Music Plays On
But yet sometimes the music fails to bring comfort or even offer a distraction. Life seems like the search for the next hill to climb or the next big thing to conquer. Yet we always continue to our motions of daily life yet again day after day. And the days turn to weeks and before long a few years have passed by. How much have we changed & how much do we still remain the same?

What about if you have others that you are responsible for? If you are a leader, manager, boyfriend, wife or mother – how do you know you are doing the right thing and the best for your charges? What is the correct balance of making a decision on your own vs a consensual decision where everyone has a say? And if you are out there everyday nurturing, motivating & growing others, who is it that motives you yourself?

Internal Compass
What is inside you & our past experiences largely influence our thoughts and action. Good vs bad. Right vs wrong. Smartness vs idiocy. Yet the compass merely shows the present and there’s nary a thing we can do about the past. Our past regrets remain regrets with the only solace being that we can claim them as learning experiences. Is it a wise thing to analyze the past or is it merely a folly & waste of time? Is taking action always the right action or will things work out in the end or even become better without our intervention?

Or Maybe
I’m just cranky due to lack of sleep.


6 thoughts on “DTRT

  1. Or maybe. Blissful ignorance is the answer to all our problems.

    Copout *wags fingers sternly at self*

    Have a good weekend Stev

    Stev: Blissful ignorance sure is swell! And maybe that really is the best solution

    o/t: Mmm. Thanks. Mine was swell & hope yours was too!

  2. This hits home. When my daughter was new, there were plenty around to tell me how it used to be done and how it should be done. Talk about cranky! All these folks left me feeling like I must be doing it all wrong. For years I went along miserably certain the other way–any other way–must be the right way. I found, too, when the chips are down the know-it-alls are nowhere to be found and that I was my own best source of direction. My daughter is 8 and has never been arrested, so I guess something went right!

    I’ve come to believe we are our own best source of direction if we pay attention. There’s nothing out there that deserves to be a distraction.

    Stev: Never been arrested *chuckles* – true that! 😉

    A lot of course does depend on our own selves. And quite often others merely provide a lot of white noise. Yet of course sometimes a few will provide very valid feedback & comments. While not to take at stock value, reflecting on what other’s think & say may help as well.

  3. Thought provoking!


    How have you been lately?

    Stev: Thanks. Been spending more time offline lately to be honest 😛

  4. how come your entries recently always sounds so philosophical? lolx.. like a modern day yoda or something.. 🙂

    stop thinking n live more.
    u think too much u’ll tend not to live life.

    my motivation? jack. haha.. he told me it’s useless to plan and think, just live today as if it’s ur last day on earth. and tt advice makes me blissfully happy now.. haha

    Stev: Mmm. Well I’m a balance-advocate who believes in balance in most things (in D&D I would be a neutral) Or maybe it’s just enjoying things more & living for the moment is much easier when we know that our plans ahead are more or less laid out.

  5. think our wavelength hv been disconnected. i cant connect to your thoughts anymore.. oh well..

    Stev: Maybe baby. But I think that’s all part of growing up. Don’t be sad… =)

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