Just got on Facebook & am currently watching Nodame Cantabile. A very off the cuff post, yes this is. And by the way, Crisis != Danger + Opportunity.

Temperance (by others)temperancetarot.jpg
Temperance denotes balance and harmony. The forces behind Temperance are those that keep us from succumbing to temptation or over-indulgence. They steer us away from developing unhealthy addictions or behaviors. The Temperate Spirit avoids extremes, spreads harmony and brings opposing sides together. They find a happy, healthy median between what they want and what they need. Temperance provides an environment in which most will thrive, and a haven where the injured may heal.

Temperance (to me)
Temperance denotes a balance in balance itself. Not as complicated as it may seem, it merely means knowing via a combination of knowledge/experiences/feelings of the correct equilibrium to make things balanced. Temperance is the lessons we learn that tell us what our limits are, or even to a lesser extent important questions in life such as the flavor of ice cream which we like best. While temperance in itself brings about goodness, yet we often look at it with slanted eyes & suspicion as temperance often comes together with conflict or the bells of war.

Are the lessons we learn in life, necessities which shape us for the better – or merely misfortunes that we must face?


8 thoughts on “Temperence

  1. Good one. Those Tarot cards pack a lot of ancient wisdom. I’ve come to see life as a series of things that happen, and meaning, what we bring to that experience to shape it into something meaningful for ourselves and others. It’s all opportunity, really.

    I spent a part of my life attending a Christian church (United Methodist) in which the members saw everything that happened as part of a Divine Plan. God became some old A-type micromanager sneaking up on us from behind clouds and whacking us in the head with a big book if we didn’t accept the plan. All that fortune-telling head game nonsense that makes us victims of circumstances rather than shapers of them.

    So that’s a windy response to your lovely post! You know, I always thought of temperance as a form of abstinence, which is wide of the mark. Thanks for teaching me something.

    Stev: Thanks. We like good winds 😉

    Really like ur life definition according to your first paragraph. Fortune-telling eh? Urghh.

    You’re most welcome altho like most things, everythings up to one’s interpretation

  2. Hey!

    Oh, I tried this test too.


    Off topic; you asked about my fascination for caps and when did it start … Actually, it started during the pre-U days. I will not go anywhere without my cap and as a result for my birthday, most of my pals gave me headgears. One or two. Hehe.

    Stev: Ah. And what were your results from the test?

    Although the above wasn’t from the tarot test (warning: scroll after the rant to view the part on The Hierophant & the taor test) but from the 1st random card that appeared on facebook. My tarot card was actually The Hierophant.

    Mmm. Explains some on the cap love 😉

  3. Haven’t dropped by in ages, and what d’ya know, you are watching Nodame Cantabile too! Isn’t it awesome!!!!!! I’m totally into it 😀 TEEHEE… Feel like Nodame myself.. geez.. anyway, Internet @ home’s down dammit. Couldn’t log in, so chat with you @ work k! Taz!

    Stev: Heyas. Good to see you around. Ahh, how’d you get introduced to Nodame Cantabile? A side result is that I’m listening to classical music more once again 😛 Why do you feel like Nodame? 😉 And what’s up with your net? Hmm…

  4. Hmprh. Didn’t notice that I was “called” Shortie by your comments column. Bleh. I am shortie, not Shortie. Just put it down as my OCD! Haha!

    Anyways, my friend told me specifically that I would simply love Nodame, and I must agree! So I got all the videos from her, tada! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Chiaki senpai is MARVELOUS! I just emphasize with Nodame, the klutziness and the things she does… 😀 Finished the anime btw.. awesome.. can’t wait for continuation. Andrea intro-ed me to this boy-stuck-in-island-full-of-female-aka-men’s-fantasy-come-true anime.

    Oh, now its the other way around, my home net is ok but work blocked MSN. Bleh. And I’m usually knitting at home. Ish. Better stop now or this will be an email. 😛

  5. (Note: totally irrelevant off-topic)

    lol @ ur s/Shortie comment 😛

    nodame had me yearning to listen classical music. keke. the orchestra sounds were pretty impressive.

    whats the boy-toomanyhotchicks anime called again? 😉

    aww… no more msn?

    do feel free to err… write up a stormy email or two in the Chat area 😉

  6. @nicola: life happens. true that. 😉 do wonder tho how looking or reflecting back on my life 10 years from now will be

    @sandy: *waves hello* 🙂

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