Simply Simple

Going to be a packed day ahead with an early game of hoops, hardware shopping with a j-pop obsessed girl, and maybe some gaming or a movie =) Have a blessed Sunday all! (Dec 1: Post updated & shortened)

“Simplicity is life’s greatest sophistication” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

The quote from da Vinci strikes a chord as we ponder that simplicity is something that many of us desire, yet find it quite often… elusive. The truth is that it’s actually not that easy (for most of us) to master the art of making our complex lives much more… well… simple.

In short, life itself can be simple, but is never easy. And our lives are better for that.

How can we simply simplify our lives?

That Coffee Place

Taking time to breath & see the world go by in between the chaos swirling around

Image Credit: seascape21

Imagine sitting in that cafe. Once again drinking a bit too much coffee again then healthy for yourself. Slowly sipping on the cold blended over-priced coffee with bits of cherry that you like anyway despite.

People meeting up & catching up. A place for old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. Laughing, smiling & soaking in the atmosphere.

You notice that the deco is decidedly different. Elegant comes to mind. Slightly rich, dark & classic, yet warm all at the same time. Soft yellow light bathes down & gives everything around just that slight golden shiny glow. Evening is slowly coming. Unbid. Unhurried.

In the distance, the horizon stretches out & tapers off. Grass, waves & mountains all fill your sight, and you feel at peace.

Peace you haven’t had for a while. Peace that fills you like the lingering smell of childhood nostalgia. It feels good to be alone. Never mind the proverbial male cave & all that. It feels good. Just you & yourself. Alone. Well… not counting the notebook idling in front of you of course.


Moments of paradise. And your companion arrives. You find yourself being one of those people busy laughing & chatting. You laugh softly to yourself as she finishes the entire chocolate Christmas log slice that she bought without herself even noticing (she’s hungry after all).

All at that coffee place.

Tell me why you like love coffee, or comment on our 1st story-like post on this blog =).

Silence is Golden?

Been a week of battles of sorts again. Looking forward to my only day off this week on Sunday.


Do we keep our thoughts to ourselves. As those who know us well will already know what’s on our mind. And those who don’t know you well, won’t listen or care anyway.


Is sharing our thoughts good as it helps that we share our hopes, dreams, goals, difficulties, burdens & aspirations?



Living beings like Humans…
about what they can do,
what they want to do,
if they should do it…
use their own wisdom to decide
to analyze…
Powers and skills can’t represent a person’s personality.

Humans are incomplete in their existence,
they have to use emotions and logic, and other uncertain principles as a road map to survive.
That’s why Humans spend more time on living than any other living being.

~The Third

Being Human
What is it that really make us human? That we err & make mistakes? That we have limitless potential? That we have & experience a complex myriad of emotions from pure unbridled joy to voidless sorrow?

Personally I would put as being able to dream. To be able to share that dream with others & work together to achieve the dream. To communicate. To connect. Just Human.

What do you think makes humans really distinctly human?

Alex Alex I Love You

The week past had remained a whirlwind (some may call it a whirlpool even) of all sorts. Work still is taking up a big chunk of time, yet was balanced well with hanging out with friends, a clearer picture of certain aspects of life, a project appreciation dinner & a little monster’s 2nd birthday.


Eyes wide shut - smiling!
Eyes wide shut – smiling!

Time & Tide
The strongest reminder of the passing of time indeed is seeing the amazing rate at which babies grow. While time & tide waits for no man, time indeed can be a great bond indeed for loved ones, growing to love them more & more no matter what age or stage of life he or she may be at.

What is it that we like bout babies & kids so much? 😉