Just a lil F* Up

This post is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Apologies to those who commented in the few prev posts which are no longer visible as some spring cleaning was done to remove posts containing nothing more than fluff. Some other changes as well (Click on the updates tab for more info). It’s been a very long 3 weeks, yet I have this feeling that something good is going to come out of all this in the end.

F*cked up:-
– One-eyed politicians whose dicks get more work than their brains before talking
– Misappropriation of public money on frivolous expenditures with no returns
– Corruption from the big fish to the small fries swimming along in broad daylight
– Political parties with personal agendas & wide-spread racial segregation
– Policies & announcements which on reading or hearing of makes one shake one’s head in disbelieve at the senselessness

– Like most things requires champions & a top-down yet hands-on approach
– Be who you are whether the sun is shining bright or its night & the shades are drawn
– Reward in public, criticise in private (different people require a different approach)
– Leadership is strongly linked with visioning, decisive decision making & energizing others
– Determine the goals, set the KPIs, go & get go!

So what do you thing is the most f*cked up thing around? (yes I’m asking this question with a straight face)

3 thoughts on “Just a lil F* Up

  1. I think societies values are pretty f*cked up in general – far too much buy buy buy, want want want and NOW. No working for, no saving up for -everything instant.

  2. A mentor today referred to the “coarsening” of society–our ability to wipe each other out for whatever reason. Your post is of a piece with that. Our world makes it easier and easier to be shitty and will even come up with very noble reasons to be that way!

  3. @Nicola: the state of our earth & surroundings is proof today that too much instant-everything is very, very bad for our health

    @SandyCarlson: interesting usage of ‘coarsening’. but yes, will our world itself up in a blazing flame of nuclear glory? *chuckles at the sarcasm/irony at the noble reasons bit*

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