Alex Alex I Love You

The week past had remained a whirlwind (some may call it a whirlpool even) of all sorts. Work still is taking up a big chunk of time, yet was balanced well with hanging out with friends, a clearer picture of certain aspects of life, a project appreciation dinner & a little monster’s 2nd birthday.


Eyes wide shut - smiling!
Eyes wide shut – smiling!

Time & Tide
The strongest reminder of the passing of time indeed is seeing the amazing rate at which babies grow. While time & tide waits for no man, time indeed can be a great bond indeed for loved ones, growing to love them more & more no matter what age or stage of life he or she may be at.

What is it that we like bout babies & kids so much? 😉

13 thoughts on “Alex Alex I Love You

  1. Wonderful pictures 🙂

    I think it is their perfection, their innocence and their lack of agenda – their needs are simple and they laugh and smile so naturally.

    Happy BYB Sunday,

  2. They are easy to be beaten, tortured and manipulated….oops. :X

    Whatever their actions are, they just make me laugh like an idiot for no reason, and it’s a good thing too.

    Tell you one short story, I followed my mom to her friend’s shop which she sells Cosway items. She has a 8 years old son with her. We suddenly locked eye for 4 second, then he just squinted his eyes and grin “eeeeee”, and I followed suit. Cute bastard I tell you.

  3. @Sandy: I like your answer. We all could do with a little more ‘uncomplicatedness’ in our lives =)

    @Nicola: True. We often feel so at peace with little kids, their innocence & cute smiles 😉

    @chao: Innocent like you? 😛

    @kat: Unconditional love comes to mind eh? mmm… cute like as well huh 😛

    @yungjie: *Chuckles* Your story brings a smile to my face

    @neo: haha. wait til you have one & i’m sure it’ll all change for you. i’m sure you’ll make one super dad!

    @nellie: a very welcome to stevblogs
    so how do we let them bring love & joy?
    (oops. should have made it clearer that thats my niece actually ^^)

    @wsg: ahaha. i’m sure that what a doctor thinks about first about small kids. hmm. are you sure you’re going to be a paediatrician? 😛

  4. unfortunately im grew up to be evil…bwahahaha!

    is wsg REALLY going to be a paed? bless all the kids that parents send for checkup.

  5. @chao: amen?! 😛

    @wsg: no? i’m quite sure that’s what u told us not too long back. getting forgetful now eh? must be the constant medical exams stress 😛

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