Living beings like Humans…
about what they can do,
what they want to do,
if they should do it…
use their own wisdom to decide
to analyze…
Powers and skills can’t represent a person’s personality.

Humans are incomplete in their existence,
they have to use emotions and logic, and other uncertain principles as a road map to survive.
That’s why Humans spend more time on living than any other living being.

~The Third

Being Human
What is it that really make us human? That we err & make mistakes? That we have limitless potential? That we have & experience a complex myriad of emotions from pure unbridled joy to voidless sorrow?

Personally I would put as being able to dream. To be able to share that dream with others & work together to achieve the dream. To communicate. To connect. Just Human.

What do you think makes humans really distinctly human?

7 thoughts on “Humans

  1. one who :-
    * hear & listens
    * dream & acts
    * change & make changes
    * trust & trustworthy
    * speak & shares
    * love & spread love
    * stays true to one self with faith & dignity
    just my 2 cent worth…;p
    p/s: love ur blog, gd going ere!

  2. dont they always teach us in school is that because we have brains to think?

    makes me wonder if humans can really think, why are crimerates increasing…

  3. @mirror me: very thoughtful list of yours here. the loving, spreading love & staying true bits really strike a chord. thanks for your thoughts & your compliments 😉

    @chao: haha. true. but I think even goldfish have brains no? I hear that they disproved the fact that goldfish can only remember things for a few seconds.
    hmm. maybe because human characters can span from neutral evil to chaotic good? 😛

  4. @Sandy: only to think that we’re different? 😉 but self-consciousness is definitely unique to species Homo sapiens

    @jemima: short, sweet & straight to the heart (no pun intended)

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