Silence is Golden?

Been a week of battles of sorts again. Looking forward to my only day off this week on Sunday.


Do we keep our thoughts to ourselves. As those who know us well will already know what’s on our mind. And those who don’t know you well, won’t listen or care anyway.


Is sharing our thoughts good as it helps that we share our hopes, dreams, goals, difficulties, burdens & aspirations?

10 thoughts on “Silence is Golden?

  1. Stev,
    Great question. Equally great photo.

    This post brings to mind an article I just read in the Utne Reader about the art of conversation. The writer remarked that often people feel they must make pronouncements rather than share thoughts or observations. I realized when I read this that it is true and that I shy away from those one-person judges and juries who want to evaluate everyone else rather than listen and share. I think it’s a matter of choosing the right companion. Otherwise, silence works best!

  2. I am a sharing and communicating person.

    We cannot always have the crystal ball – and everyone’s signals are different. If you are talking then you know what the state of play is.

  3. Depend on what kind of friends you have, if they like to ridicule your sharings, that’s another story.

    And some secrets, espacially dirty secrets, are best kept by oneself, just like the bizzare yet great movie “Keeping Mum”.

  4. @jemima: “This communicating of a man’s self to his friend works two contrary effects for it redoubleth joy, and cutteth griefs in half.” ~Francis Bacon 🙂

    @sandycarlson: Maybe u are right that it’s all about choosing the right person that really matters

    @mirrorme: well u definitely need to love yourself as that’s the person you’re spending your whole life with 😉 – but what & how do you decide on what to keep silent or mum on?

    @kat: short, good advice. melikes.

    @nicola: definitely can imagine u as the type that highly values communication. no regrets ever tho?

    @neo: all bout the pros & cons bro! 😉

    @cybercelt: true friends are rare & few, like a perfect golden daffodil; true friends are hard to find, thus finding you makes life divine

    @yungjie: if they (r likely) to ridicule u, maybe you need new friends?! “Keeping mum” eh? i’ll err… keep my eyes peeled out for that 😉

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