That Coffee Place

Taking time to breath & see the world go by in between the chaos swirling around

Image Credit: seascape21

Imagine sitting in that cafe. Once again drinking a bit too much coffee again then healthy for yourself. Slowly sipping on the cold blended over-priced coffee with bits of cherry that you like anyway despite.

People meeting up & catching up. A place for old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. Laughing, smiling & soaking in the atmosphere.

You notice that the deco is decidedly different. Elegant comes to mind. Slightly rich, dark & classic, yet warm all at the same time. Soft yellow light bathes down & gives everything around just that slight golden shiny glow. Evening is slowly coming. Unbid. Unhurried.

In the distance, the horizon stretches out & tapers off. Grass, waves & mountains all fill your sight, and you feel at peace.

Peace you haven’t had for a while. Peace that fills you like the lingering smell of childhood nostalgia. It feels good to be alone. Never mind the proverbial male cave & all that. It feels good. Just you & yourself. Alone. Well… not counting the notebook idling in front of you of course.


Moments of paradise. And your companion arrives. You find yourself being one of those people busy laughing & chatting. You laugh softly to yourself as she finishes the entire chocolate Christmas log slice that she bought without herself even noticing (she’s hungry after all).

All at that coffee place.

Tell me why you like love coffee, or comment on our 1st story-like post on this blog =).

13 thoughts on “That Coffee Place

  1. Shucks!!! I thought you were posting on your real-life experience. πŸ˜›
    You are, aren’t you? πŸ˜›

    Well, your story (real or fiction) definitely caught my interest.. I was eager to know what happened after? πŸ˜‰

    Btw, a couple of minor spelling errors on the intro line. πŸ˜‰

  2. @jemima: that’s a pretty fast reply comment
    *chuckles* had just finished putting up a picture after debating between that pic & another which was closer to my original idea in mind πŸ˜‰

    what happened next? well… that may or may not be a story for another day πŸ˜›

    hats off & thanks to the typo police =D

  3. u must try d coffee i had in Beijing, absolutely out of the world!..its jus that, u had a lovely companion and all i had was a freaking dog!! ;p
    (well…u read the post)

  4. Nothing beats communist-made coffee, eh ? Just don’t start screaming for lMAO.

    I hardly drink coffee, I somehow can’t find the reason for disliking it, it’s just that feeling. I even make a quick joke on frappocino (free internet point for anyone who laugh).

    Perhaps I should try a cuppa when I come back to KL this december, near christmas, at least all by my own. ;o

  5. drats… Im reminded of BFM ^o^

    hmmm… cafe at the sight of grass, waves & mountain. sound like Queensbay or E-gate. Hah!

    im no heavy coffee drinker (unlike stev), but i just love the smell of coffee. the whiff while walking past Starbucks and Coffeebean. perks me up.

    my chilhood fav – dipping biscuits in coffee!

  6. I drink coffee because I like the smell of a freshly brewed cup. I like the feel of the warm cup in my hand. I most like to sit on the front step, regardless of the weather, and take in the morning.

    I like to sit to drink coffee. I am not a commuter drinker because drinking it in the car is about drinking it, and that’s not even what I like best!

  7. @mirrorme: yups your post on coffee had me salivating πŸ˜‰ i’m sure dogs make great coffee drinking companions…

    @yungjie: screaming LMAO or iMAO (iMaoZeDong the distant cousin of the iPhone & iPod?!) XD

    @chao: BFM! any type of biscuits in particular? the oblong hard ones?

    @sandy: sitting on the front steps & drinking coffee. very very nice. i’m jealous ^^ (and I should stop drinking coffee in the car too…)

  8. @chao: cream crackers! hehe

    @kat: it’s my own experience! πŸ˜›

    @aliceteh: hihi. yes yes. it’s been a while. GO COFFEE! heh heh

  9. @Bee: I need to ask Pauline to make me an ice coffee shake too =D
    i love coffee too because it goes well with ci… err… cinnamon biscuits! XD

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