That Time of Year!

The Short: Traveled to Malacca. Attended a wedding. Ate lots of superb local food including the famous chicken rice balls, ‘satay celup’ & beef ‘Bak Kut Teh’ (thanks WSG!) 7 days nights of chilling with friends & drinking (and New Year 2008 to come!)


A Funny/Sad Christmas Story
Note: The facts are made up but the story is real
And one does wonder indeed what one has to go through to come home & meet up with family & friends for Christmas. Still, I think my friend takes the top prize this year. Due to work commitments, she stays a fair bit away from the nearest small airport. Thus she had to drive 2 hours & then take a long flight to a major airport.

Less than 24 hours before she was to fly for home, she realized that her passport & other plane tickets were left at home. Buying emergency plane tickets, she headed back. Then a bomb scare which meant they were left stranded at the airport.

She actually had to call up a friend to break into her house, get her passport & plane tickets before driving the 2 hours to the airport to pass it to her. She realized though that her friend had accidentally taken the wrong plane tickets.

While she head the boarding pass #, the airport staff refused to budge from letting her on without buying another set of plane tickets.

The cost? 6000 dollars. Oh and her family member accidentally stepped on her breaking her toe nail on arrival back home.

Coming home?

Priceless 😉

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Why do you love the holiday season? (really!)

What’s Baking?

This is a shameless plug & blessing ^_^
Bread Cooking

Is indeed a sensual thing. From the soft kneading of the bread. To the smell of freshly baked stuff. And tasting your effort materializing into that wonderful, delicious, tasty cake, pastry or biscuit!

Baking and More
Lö was just launched by yours truly a few days back & you guys will be the first few visitors to the site! We actually finally came up with a name after sleeping about it for a week or so. And before the end of the day the domain was registered on godaddy & the site was launched using wordpress.

More Blessings
Indeed to have supportive family, friends, customers & especially to my business partner Pauline or our start-up homebaked business venture. A lesson learnt this year is sometimes we shouldn’t hold on to things too tightly. Do plan of course but be ready to go with the flow, & hopefully good things will follow. Coming all down to it, our daily bread & people are what really makes our short lives on earth truly matter.

Things to Do
Visit Lö & leave us a comment & good luck wishes there! 🙂


Taking a step back, in a good way. Also in random important news, I’m on a non-coffee strike (Or wait, is that defined as a coffee strike?!) Click here for more random fluff (My comments are right near the end)


As in many things in life, decisions are best made with clarity of mind. While the heart may yearn, and logic often gets skewed with emotions, we yet have an option to call a time out to reflect on things. This isn’t asking us to become detached from our emotions, but to give yourself (And I repeat yourself) time to simply breathe.

Be happy with what you have achieved. Be proud of your accomplishments and all that you have achieved. Be thankful for all the small blessings you enjoy. And that how you have in some small way helped many others around you.

Thank Others
And the reverse is true as well for indeed no man is a coconut tree and we need others around us together with us to achieve success. Give thanks to all tho whom its due. Give thanks no matter of rank, race or religion. Give thanks.

Have Faith
Faith is not merely a word to describe religion but can often carry a variety of shades of meanings as well. Having faith means to simply believe. Most important is that we need to actually have faith in the world around us. That despite being often the silent majority, that lies & perversions will be exposed to the truth. And after that having faith in our own selves. In our capabilities & our accomplishments. In that we are the person who we want to be, or that we are slowly getting there step-by-step.

Which leads us to grow as citizens of the world. To set our goals, dreams & head towards them. To ideally continue to seek, search & look for opportunities for growth. To communicate with our fellow men with listening & understanding the key two-way road in growth. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis.

Why is growth so important?


Frustrated yet hopeful.


We all have many options in life
And no matter how the wind blows
Or that we may be down & out in our luck
We still have that choice
Of how we think
And how we react

And if you find you have reached pit bottom
Then you know you need to take action
For life is short
And you have many options
Complaining does little to nothing
Take charge and take action