Frustrated yet hopeful.


We all have many options in life
And no matter how the wind blows
Or that we may be down & out in our luck
We still have that choice
Of how we think
And how we react

And if you find you have reached pit bottom
Then you know you need to take action
For life is short
And you have many options
Complaining does little to nothing
Take charge and take action


10 thoughts on “Options

  1. If you can walk, you can dance.
    If you can talk, you can sing. -Zimbabwean proverb-

    Personally, I always believe that all the strength I need to achieve anything is within myself. All I need is just to have a little faith.

  2. The proverb above is a lovely response. I have been feeling the way you describe in this post, Stev. Last night I went for a walk and enjoyed the neighbors’ Christmas lights and thought that no matter how dark it is, in a very important way we all want to making things better and beautiful. So I hope!

  3. My parents told me about one show they saw on TV or VCD. It’s about psycology though. The nutcase….er, I man professor, said that being angry at something is not inevitable, we have a choice to choose not to be angry whenever there’s trouble hitting you right in the face. I couldn’t agree more.

    There’s always choices for us to make, plenty of them, for there’s no option of “no choice but to”.

  4. @jemima: faith, love & harmony. thanks for the pep πŸ˜‰

    @sandy: interesting drawn comparison to lights in the dark. agreed that it’s important that we continue looking forward. So I hope too!

    @yungjie: very wise words indeed that there really is no such thing as ‘no choice but to’

  5. @mirror me: thanks for the advice. i somehow have this picture of winston churchill when you mentioned walk the walk & talk the talk πŸ˜‰

  6. An object in motion tends to stay in motion… or as my Hubby likes to say, Good business leads to good business. A little step in the right dirrection is all it takes to get moving that way.

  7. Growth is import because without how would you learn new things? Isn’t life a journey along the growing trails? Yes, growth is a blessing even when it hurts along the way because it makes us stronger to continue on.

  8. @marilyn: “Good biz leads to good biz” mmm. good quote that. i’ll keep that in mind.

    @paulie: funny how growing up often comes with skinned knees, hurt bottoms (& pride), and tears ^_^

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