Taking a step back, in a good way. Also in random important news, I’m on a non-coffee strike (Or wait, is that defined as a coffee strike?!) Click here for more random fluff (My comments are right near the end)


As in many things in life, decisions are best made with clarity of mind. While the heart may yearn, and logic often gets skewed with emotions, we yet have an option to call a time out to reflect on things. This isn’t asking us to become detached from our emotions, but to give yourself (And I repeat yourself) time to simply breathe.

Be happy with what you have achieved. Be proud of your accomplishments and all that you have achieved. Be thankful for all the small blessings you enjoy. And that how you have in some small way helped many others around you.

Thank Others
And the reverse is true as well for indeed no man is a coconut tree and we need others around us together with us to achieve success. Give thanks to all tho whom its due. Give thanks no matter of rank, race or religion. Give thanks.

Have Faith
Faith is not merely a word to describe religion but can often carry a variety of shades of meanings as well. Having faith means to simply believe. Most important is that we need to actually have faith in the world around us. That despite being often the silent majority, that lies & perversions will be exposed to the truth. And after that having faith in our own selves. In our capabilities & our accomplishments. In that we are the person who we want to be, or that we are slowly getting there step-by-step.

Which leads us to grow as citizens of the world. To set our goals, dreams & head towards them. To ideally continue to seek, search & look for opportunities for growth. To communicate with our fellow men with listening & understanding the key two-way road in growth. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis.

Why is growth so important?


10 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Question
    Why is growth so important?

    Because if u don’t grow You will be short? :p

    Nobody likes to stand still in 1 spot for long (or we grow cobwebs in our armpits and mushrooms between our toes). We all desire to progress higher and achieve more in our lives. Probably because we seek a greater meaning or purpose to our lives 🙂 Thus we WANT more, SEEK more, LUST for even more… Thus inevitably “Grow”? :p hahaha.. Just wanted to say Growth/Progress/Achievements is important but we should not forget or neglect those important to us in our rush to “Grow” ^_^

    P.s Merry X’mass ^_^ hehehe..

  2. Stev,
    I think breathing and thanking others work together to put all things of life into perspective. They are the keys to growth, I think.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

    God bless.

  3. Growth is important because growth is movement… and without movement, we become stagnant… and we all know what happens eventually to organic matter that stays stagnant.

    I’m glad you included questioning within the idea of growth… it reminds me of an old James “The Amazing” Randi story in Toronto… Randi is a well known sceptdebunker/autodebunker, but he has his moments… The story goes he was walking past a bit of graffiti… in large, bold letters, the graffitiest had written “QUESTION AUTHORITY!”. After a minute, Randi took out his own marker, and in smaller, but legible writing wrote underneath the statement, “Why?”

  4. Being a lifelong learner keeps us young and healthy. When we quit questioning and questing, we start to become stagnant in our ways of thinking and doing. I may be old, but I refuse to stop living and wait for death.

  5. @jemima: growth due to unsatisfaction as motivation? could be could be 😉 as long as we take it +vely 😛

    @wsg: #1) ahah #2) i thought you liked growing mushrooms? 😛 still you are right that it’s part of human nature. hmm. probably my point in the post is that we need to be happy with our accomplishments as well & rewards ourselves. constantly chasing without stopping is seriously suicidal. oh and friends + celebrating christmas is defintely important too 😛

    @sandy: that’s part of the charm of BYB i guess as well as we pause to thank & grow (“thank & grow” – hey that’s pretty catchy ^^)

    @yungjie: ~the skies are blue~

    @matthew: they turn into jello? 😛 Good randi story that *chuckles*

    @kuanyin: thanks =)

    @cybercelt: then you’re my role model then in that aspect ^_^

    @mirrorme: even if we stand upside-down on our head? 😛

    @kyels: learning != growth ?! interesting thought that. hmm…

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