That Time of Year!

The Short: Traveled to Malacca. Attended a wedding. Ate lots of superb local food including the famous chicken rice balls, ‘satay celup’ & beef ‘Bak Kut Teh’ (thanks WSG!) 7 days nights of chilling with friends & drinking (and New Year 2008 to come!)


A Funny/Sad Christmas Story
Note: The facts are made up but the story is real
And one does wonder indeed what one has to go through to come home & meet up with family & friends for Christmas. Still, I think my friend takes the top prize this year. Due to work commitments, she stays a fair bit away from the nearest small airport. Thus she had to drive 2 hours & then take a long flight to a major airport.

Less than 24 hours before she was to fly for home, she realized that her passport & other plane tickets were left at home. Buying emergency plane tickets, she headed back. Then a bomb scare which meant they were left stranded at the airport.

She actually had to call up a friend to break into her house, get her passport & plane tickets before driving the 2 hours to the airport to pass it to her. She realized though that her friend had accidentally taken the wrong plane tickets.

While she head the boarding pass #, the airport staff refused to budge from letting her on without buying another set of plane tickets.

The cost? 6000 dollars. Oh and her family member accidentally stepped on her breaking her toe nail on arrival back home.

Coming home?

Priceless 😉

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Why do you love the holiday season? (really!)


14 thoughts on “That Time of Year!

  1. @mirrorme: i will try to keep that pledge 😉

    @SandyCarlson: mmm. i think that’s the whole reason of this season =) Happy New Year!

  2. gasp~! who is tat super duper lucky person in the whole wide world? O_O

    p.s your welcome stev 😉 come down anytime 😉

  3. I love

    . . . how my town looks dressed up for Christmas.
    . . . live nativity scenes.
    . . . children singing off key Christmas carols.
    . . . people being more pleasant to each other.
    . . . the free meals that are served to the homeless.
    . . . the toys given to children by cops.
    . . . Santas, even the badly dressed ones.
    . . . hearing from old friends, even if it is just once a year.

  4. @wsg: maybe we’ll meet her one day if both your holiday schedules work out 😛
    ps. sure sure. we still haven’t tried the pohpiah yet tho 😉

    @cybercelt: *chuckles at the off key christmas carols*
    slightly surprised and happy to hear of the toys being given by cops & free meals served to the homeless being right up there on your list =)
    christmas deco is nice too!

  5. shopping mall decors. trying to buy something nice for friends and seeing them delighted. christmas carols. chilling out with friends. laughing and having fun during exchanging gifts.

    ’twas a quiet one this year. way too tired to be hyped up.

    anyway, have a fantastic start to 2008 leap year 😉

  6. 2008 = Year of the Rat, how much I hate 1996, full of humiliation,s looking forward to a more cautious yet optimist year.

    Anyway, off to sleep, wake up till tomorrow morning. XD

  7. @chao: definitely nice to see everyone happy during the festive season. and yeah you were definitely too tired but your celebration as you posted on your blog was definitely a good one.
    Thanks & likewise to you! Had slipped my mind as well that it’s a leap year this year too.

    @yungjie: wow. you can still recall from the last lunar cycle huh 😉
    basket. going to sleep at 1:30 in the afternoon 😛

  8. Merry belated xmas 2007 and happy new year 2008! who’s the poor dear? man.

    i hate holiday season. to me it’s a season of death.

    then again i did spent it with different guys every year ;P hahaha

  9. @neo: happy new year bro!

    @alice: you too with lots of wishes for a yummytastic year!

    @jemima: *clink* 😉

    @kat: merry happy christmas/new year/valentine’s… err… 😉
    hmm. death of different guys each year? :O

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