Women are from earth, Men are from the world

A look at relationships partially ignited by an interesting conversation among 4 at a coffee shop


We all have wants… needs… desires. Through our beautiful glass beads, we each perceive the world translated via our senses & past memories. And for most of us, romantic love often gives way to the not wrong… nor lacking… but more practical realistic love. Yet our yearnings remain the same from financial security, to a sense of humor, to feeling loved.

Yet due to how we grow, both the male & female of this species communicate quite differently. By nature, most females tend to spend more time building relationships & generally more time talking & in social contact. Meanwhile males can bond over basketball or golf over the years yet can probably tape their entire lifetime conversation in half an hour of tape. No wonder communication between females & males are often so difficultly frustrating!

Is Love Measurable?
The key would be knowing how each individual is & responds. Of course the gender divide causes differences even in the simplest of things like showing love to each other. For example, most males would want to be loved (not meaning the verb although you could probably include that…) & be told/shown often that they are loved even though they may be so cool/macho about it. While for females, too much of that sappy stuff is usually a pain & gets boring – as women would much generally prefer fewer but more significant gifts/occasions that they can tell their friends about & keep telling to themselves again & again.

Being Best Friends
And back to communication, relationships can only really stand the test of time & arguments if one are best friends as well. It will take time to overcome the various small things that get annoying really fast but talking & listening remains the key. Love not only each other, but also many things together (yet do ensure you have your own space, interests & personal time)

Relationships & Time
Everything takes time to build & nurture. All relationships are like a banking account whereby you often need an initial investment, & after that regular savings are required together with all the withdrawals that you are making (whether intentionally or because you forgot the anniversary). Take your time to fall in love with both your eyes wide open. For love indeed is a many splendor thing.

What are some things women would like men to know (or vice-versa)?

18 thoughts on “Women are from earth, Men are from the world

  1. Stev, you must remember that no matter how thin you slice a relationship, there are always two sides.


    Trust is the single most important factor in both personal & professional relationships.

    To love & to be loved is the greatest joy in the world.

    All women love to get flowers, especially when there’s no particular reason. πŸ˜‰

    Last but not least… Once a woman decides she wants something, never underestimate her ability to get it. πŸ˜›

    Have a Blessed Weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. @jemima:
    – what?! it’s a bun so there’s no real sides! πŸ˜›
    – mmm. trust indeed is an implicit part of any relationship
    – to love & be loved… moulin rouge? πŸ˜‰
    – the guy gets bonus marks if he knows what flowers she loves πŸ˜‰
    – no comment
    – have a blessed one there too yourself! =)

  3. This woman likes men to know they really should hold the door! It seems to me chivalry did not die but was taken out back and shot, and we’ve all missed out. There’s nothing like those gestures that leave you feeling beautiful. They’re small things–getting the door, deferring in a line, holding a chair. It’s not an acknowledgment of being “weak” but cherished. It creates a warmth that sends a warm glow over everything. It puts mutual respect in the middle of the table, and that’s a wonderful thing.

  4. @chao: now i know how many minutes there are in a year πŸ˜› – but it’s all true bout lurv πŸ˜‰

    @sandy: chivalry eh (or being a gentleman). mmm. i do believe as well that most women would appreciate the small gestures. Not that i’m any sort of gentleman myself πŸ˜‰ Love that bit on mutual respect

    @cybercelt: *chuckles*

    @mirror me: not tonite automatically equates couch? wow. never knew…
    ps. munkiis rulez0rz πŸ˜‰

  5. The only bit of wisdom I’ve picked up over the years is that, rather than worrying about what *all* women want/need/desire, just try to focus one what the one you are with wants.

  6. sigh, relationship is not an easy thing, same goes for every other aspects of life no matter where you are coming from. depending on individual, what we need in a relationship for both men and women will vary and that brings more complications and of course nowadays happy endings are rare to the max

  7. @B: i still believe in an old saying that life is simple, just not easy. it’s all a matter of perspective, decisions, actions & also knowing when to go with the flow or to let things go. sometimes it’s a matter of time & the right person as well?

  8. Whatever has a great point. Maybe that’s why eye contact and courtesy are so important. Could be why some unlikely relationships endure, too. I love the conversations you kick off, Stev.

  9. @sandy: mmm. interesting thoughts. what role exactly does eye contact play? =)
    ps. most obliged πŸ˜‰

    @david: glad you enjoyed reading

  10. Back again for more! Men should know that women want to be the center of their world. We want to know we are important to you and respect us. R-E-S-P-E-C-T . . .

  11. @cybercelt: respect’s definitely both ways

    @david: the excuse given is work πŸ˜‰
    usually updated once a week & i try my best to visit all visitors, friends blogs, etc as well

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