Growing Up

Funny that I’m writing a post on growing up when it’s a lot too late & the only growing that’s happening is sideways πŸ˜‰ Still it’s a good time to count one’s blessings as it has been indeed a very tiring week. Oh and my apologies as well for lack of posts as I’d rather post only when there’s something worthy to post compared to senseless vitriol πŸ˜‰


The Most Important Years
The most important years of an individual’s life is his or her formative years as a child. During that short period of time from the ages of one to ten, this has the largest influence on the character and development of an individual towards what he or she will be in the future. Growing up as a child indeed is a process of laughing and crying, of learning and discovery, of shaping us into the individuals we will become.

Work Separates Adults from Children?
There is a view that what separates adults from children is work itself. That career, stability and confidence is what actually makes one an adult. So does one really grow up when one joins the working force? How much does the love of what one is doing for a living reflect on this as well? Does work really make a man?

Work-Life Balance
Another thing we are hearing a lot about nowadays is work-life balance. The current generation of workers have a growing proportion of workforce who care a lot about how many hours they actually spend dedicated fully to work. How do we know then whether we are well-balanced between the many roles we tend to play in life – Be it as a career-person, friend, parent, activity partner or simply time for our own selves?

There is yet another point of view that life is like four quarters in a game. The first quarter you spend observing others, training and learning the rules of the game. The next quarter you start playing the game and see yourself (hopefully) excelling at the position you are playing at. The third quarter spend yourself fortifying your position and passing on your wisdom and knowledge from your battle scars to the young ‘uns. While the last quarter is about retiring and enjoying yourself. How true is this?

Still it is indeed a blessing growing up. From the satisfaction of doing a job well done. From seeing close friends getting married. From leading, nurturing and training up others to be all that they can be. Growing up maybe does have its perks compared to never neverland after all.

What does growing up mean to you?

18 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Growing up can help us see or if not, understand a situation. But growing up can lead to further confusions, as “adults” have their own views to justify and intent to prove themselves right.

    Growing up also help us to learn how to sacrifice. However there’s a different in growing up for the sake of growing up, as some people is still a kid at heart. Is there a standard or a limit for everyone to stop being a kid ? What’s so wrong with still liking kid stuffs ?

  2. Stev,
    Growing up is the toughest quarter of the game! When my daughter started playing basketball, she was happy to sit out the first few minutes to get the lay of the land and see how the other girls played. She didn’t mind not being on the court first! She taught me a lot with that one.

    I think all quarters of the game are the game and that some are more challenging than others (work-home, as you point out), but the fun of the game has to be present at all times. Otherwise, why bother?

  3. @YungJie: mmm. yes sacrifice & not always wanting/getting things your own way is a big part of growing up/being an adult as well. was on my mind but missed that out. thanks.
    nothing wrong with that i’d say being young at heart. perhaps growing up also means caring less bout what the next random person says?

    @SandyCarlson: very wise of your daughter to look & learn before jumping right in! true a challenge that is as well to be able to enjoy all quarters and all games, at least most of the time =)

  4. Growing up were the worst years of my life. I had an abusive father and lived in fear. I could not wait to grow up and get out of that house. I left when I was 16.

  5. I haven’t stopped growing up yet – but I also make sure that I have time for simple pleasures and childlike things – I have found it necessary for my sanity to do so.

    Do we ever learn all the lessons we need to learn?

    Happy BYB Sunday

  6. Nice Post!

    I especially like the way you bring out specific points and write a few lines explaining them.

    I think I am still growing up too, but the whole process of growing up has been a pleasure and a great learning experience for me.

  7. 2 me it means…realising that every single chapter has a story, morale, purpose and reasons behind it. growing 2 be accountable 4 my own do’s, owning up 2 xpectations of my own & they ppl ard me & lookin at things fr multiple analytical perspectives.
    having said that…i’m still a kiddo! πŸ™‚

  8. Back again. This is a great dialogue, Stev. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling in a meaningful direction.

    Tonight I spoke with a woman who was feeling guilty about blowing off a few responsibilities at church so she could be home with her kids over the weekend. I pointed out that the roof didn’t cave in. And then I thought that her kids very well could cave in if she had chosen “responsibilities” over them over the weekend. I think she made a wise choice. Maybe part of growing up involves tempting your folks to stay home and play once in a while!

  9. @cybercelt: not much to say. growing up is never easy – and even worse for some :\

    @nicola: “simple pleasures and childlike things”: brought a smile to my face πŸ™‚

    @neo: Thanks. keke. its just a guide as I usually have a rough concept in mind, then write the headers (points), then just jump right in while trying to keep things miniskirt like (short n sweet πŸ˜‰ – Glad that you’re enjoying the whole process

    @mirrorme: sure sounds like you’ve grown up a lot with life itself & that you’re in a good vantage point at the moment. with that said, i agree that you still look like a kiddo tho :p

    @sandy: welcome back! glad that you did share your thoughts with the woman aforementioned. truth is that only God and we ourselves can only judge who & what is right & important for ourselves
    tempting your folks to stay home & play eh? mmm… now that’s a thought! :o)

  10. growing up is a transition. can be stressful or joyous. it’s an everyday thing, a lifelong process. one cannot say he’s grown up and stop there. there are things in life that help us grow up, it could be a very minute thing or a huge one sometimes we feel overwhelmed by it.

    the best thing in growing up is you leave behind what’s less neccessary and thrust forward to a more meaningful one.

  11. @janet: Life itself is a transition (?!) πŸ˜‰
    Still agreed fully thats both the big & lil things all count
    “the best thing in growing up is you leave behind what’s less neccessary and thrust forward to a more meaningful one.”
    Very interesting view that & when one things about it, is def quite true as well

    @matthew: alrite. will be waiting for yer πŸ˜‰

    @david: i’m sure that’s the biggest compliment your kids could ever pay you πŸ˜‰

  12. growin up is when you see things in a different light and no longer see you parents as the nagging hags and enemy of yours πŸ˜€

    *wink wink*

  13. hey dearie, sorry for the silence and lack of comments. As you have guessed, busy busy busy! Anyway, want to wish you a blessed Chinese New Year. Take care and thank you for being a not-so-silent supporter all this while πŸ™‚

  14. @kat: lol. yes, making peace with one’s parents & a general perception-shift is always good. or maybe our parents just mellow over time πŸ˜‰

    @bunnywunny: (O/T) no worries babe =) Have a good CNY yourself & just come for a cuppa something anytime

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