Malaysia, Truly Epic sia

A look at the mythical boleh-land. While the writer of this blog is truly supportive and not-quite-cynical (yet), this post is written in largely spoofing humor. Remember that there is no reason to be upset if something pokes fun at something due to something which may or may not be true πŸ˜‰ In other thoughts, I haven’t done a top 10 list in quite a while…

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*Drumroll* Malaysia, Truly Astonishing Top Ten List

10. Increases in petrol price can cause everything from roti canai to ‘teh ais’ to increase two-to-three-fold

9. Every other year we suffer from haze due to our friendly neighbors saving costs by burning down the forests (good fertilizer too). We then make noise and sign some agreements. Next year we get to enjoy wearing face masks again (coz it makes us look like l337 ninja-h4xx0rz)

8. Malaysian time means GMT +0800 (+ random 30mins to 2hrs after supposed time of meeting)

7. (Re: Previous) ‘I am on the way’ can mean one has the intention of leaving & is most probably still in one’s house

6. No need-lar to place turning indicator lights when cutting or changing lanes. It will cause you to lose your chance to cut people coz they will purposely speed up & block you from cutting.

5. Life in Malaysia means getting contacted by random strangers at least once a month saying you won a contest (scam) or that you can borrow money or get instant cash from your credit card

4. ‘Rempitism’ and ‘Rasuahism’ are a sport and part of our proud culture and heritage

3. Malaysians are largely short and muscular because we start our training from young carrying our entire year’s textbooks (and the next years) in our school bags daily to and from school

2. Malaysia’s Chua now joins the list of infamy with other femes names as Singapore’s Tammy, Taiwan’s Chu, and Hong Kong’s Edison
Link: TheStar
Link: BBC

1. Lingham Chill Sauce (’nuff said)
Sos Cili Lingham
Link: TheStar

This is a SPOOF and all the above may not be true. Now please don’t jail/McISA us
Go to the official Malaysian Tourism site to view how awesome our country PWNs yours is and loves welcoming tourists, retirees, migrants, illega… err… we better stop now πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “Malaysia, Truly Epic sia

  1. lemme share a story of how the usual CNY season jack up prices at hawker stall.

    i was in still-sleepy Lunas (in Kedah) and having breakfast. guess how much was one kopi ‘o?


    i rather go for a frappucino.

  2. @wsg: terrorists? where?! :O

    @chao: mmm. chinese new year is synonymous with ‘kena potong’ or ‘tiok tok’

    @mirror me: how could i forget bout sexparliments. mmm…. maybe i just purposely close one eye :p

  3. @Stev: Hey i actually bought that brand of chilli sauce just to try u know :p and it taste not bad :p but its not chilli sauce???

  4. stev, u know how much i love about this post? Man, u r the man!
    first of all, this post mentions about true malaysia. well, sometimes when ppl complaining about how bad our lovely country is, i would just say “haha, welcome to malaysia!”
    mat rempit la, lingam “correct-correct-correct” la, zakariah “i got a big family” la, all shall be included into the next wonder(s) of the world~

  5. @wsg: actually i quite like the lingam chili sauce too πŸ˜›

    @bb community: wonders of the world eh? keke. just poking some fun tho O:)

  6. hey like yr no. 6 & 8! so so true! though to me, no. 7 is really malaysian! haha πŸ™‚

    @QuaChee: haha. Malaysia. Truly epic sia.

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