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To long-time readers and RL-friends, many would know that I am from the island state of Penang. And the news is all abuzz with the DAP-PKR-PAS opposition alliance winning 5 states in Malaysia including Penang. This post is my personal take on the political front in Penang, Malaysia and related-thoughts in general.
Note: Continued from previous post including disclaimer


When You Point, 4 Fingers are Pointing Back at You*
The largest single factor is the BN’s inability to reach out & touch the rakyat’s heart over many different issues. If I were to view it from a business POV, BN’s largest single failure was they did too little too late to sell all the various improvements, developments & changes they brought upon. Secondly & related would be the seemingly non-action / no stern action brought up on various high-profile issues/cases (e.g. orang utan or half-blind MPs & religious/race-sensitive issues). Warning the public does not help things – TAKE ACTION & respond to all allegations (learn from how Obama was in the early days hammered by Hilary for not responding to make right ALL allegations)

* To be politically-correct, actually only 3 fingers are pointing at you while your thumb is pointing towards the ground


Another Point of View
Most important factor: Malaysians being truly Malaysians instead of being classified by race or religion. Citizens in in Malaysia speaking a common mother tongue Bahasa Malaysia*

The opposition won due to a large number of high-profile issues/cases brought up & knowing the hot buttons to press & appealing to both logic & emotions – that is effective strategizing & marketing. Overcoming the mainstream media difficulties (is Online Media the new mainstream media?** πŸ˜‰ Identifying and addressing Penang citizens concerns that may have obstructed them from fully supporting the opposition in the past. Also a general desire for change & alarm bells ringing seeing Penang fading & yellowing (from the many citizens who made a decision to stay, work & live in Penang) Oh and bringing a new meaning to ceramah (political events/speeches) being done in a new more intelligent & meaningful way (although my source is primary is YouTube ;))

* Of course the general person on the road communicate very well in many other languages including English, Mandarin, Tamil, Cantonese, Japanese (growing), Thai, etc… (Oh? Is there a typo somewhere in that line — hmm… I’m not very sure… ;))

** Congrats & examples of 2 blogs which are doing a tremendous job are JeffOoi & TeresaKok


My Home is in Pantai Jerejak*
I do personally regret though that the candidate in Pantai Jerejak, Wong Mun Hoe** failed to win his seat. A hardworking, honest, intelligent individual who I believe truly went into politics to sincerely improve everything for the rakyat. Still I am thankful (and I think many others are as well), for his improvements in the past including creating additional parking lots in the notoriously lunch-hour jammed Kampung Jawa, cleaning up the giant canal from stinking near the FTZ (roundabout – road leading to QB/coastal highway – Penang Free Trade Zone stretch), the sinking flats issue in Mahsuri area (behind the Malay Char Koay Teow Basah place), the park development in sungai nibong, and much more. Mr Wong, wishing you all the best in your next future undertakings.

* Although if you ask me anyday I would answer you Bayan Baru πŸ˜‰
** Click on the poster in his website to view his background & past accomplishments


My Personal Gripes
– An actual no BS explanation on the MotoGate scandal by Penang’s outgoing CM
– Waste of $ of flags & posters from all political parties (Not-environmentally friendly & a major waste of expenditure; Advertising needs to be done in a professional manner; Echoing the thought that if you are going to put up flags, you may as well put up more Malaysian flags since you are representing Malaysia!)
– Dirty ungentlemen hits (dirty politics/gossiping) below the belt (Fight fair, fight on policies, raise each other’s weaknesses by all means – but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN OTHERS PERSONAL LIFE IF IT DOESN’T AFFECT US)
– While NOT ALL* have been actually done by the political parties, you need to STOP people from distributing surat layang & spread SMS rumors
– The plan to distribute Petronas profits for a 1.5k min wage to all (Idea has merits but a lot of areas to be clarified in detail to be communicated out to all)

* Even official party letters/booklets contained underhand demeaning of other candidates!


My Personal Accolades
– Kudos to all the politicians (both winners & losers) for taking things in stride in a gentlemenly manner (only AFTER the elections. heh! ;)) & proceeding in a calm professional manner
– To the opposition for hearing the people’s needs & pledging to make a change (Good luck and do know that each & every one of us is eagerly monitoring your progress πŸ˜‰
– To the PM for being a good leader with vision who continues to practice good government (although there’s definitely room for improvement – Suggest surround yourself with effective ‘doers’ who can translate vision into reality?)
– To recognizing the need of change in Penang to be a more vibrant, dynamic & effective state (To be direct, we need to rival & better Singapore, China, India, Dubai & Australia – and require international collaboration – No offense meant though πŸ˜‰
– And last but not least, EACH & EVERYONE who took the time & effort to vote or help to ensure our own peace & prosperity


My Hopes
– The Elections Commission has a lot of room for improvement
– Removal/improvement on ISA (guidelines, etc – Justice is there & while the ISA has its merits & is good in time of urgency, the public & international perception is of an act that can detain people at others whims & fancies)
– The NEP (a touchy subject which was put into place with good faith – Still nothing should be set in stone should it? It’s not a matter of questioning rights but documents, policies, strategies & processes all need revision & updating over time. No dialogue/discussion/changes = disasterous)
– Development (country, state & each locality); Tackling Corruption; Transparency; Press Freedom, Education, Environment & Security
– Better overall strategic planning, communication, acting in a timely manner, and follow up of various plan (+ having devil’s advocates to ensure the best possible planning)


Politics are About People
Politics are about people. Growth is about being fluid, dynamic & the difficult task of balancing the dreams of a long-term vision while managing the harsh realities of the daily grind on many issues. DAP(-PKR), the ball is now in your court. Our people’s expectations is for a timeline & timely continued communication on HOW & WHEN you are going to make good of the promises to the people in your manifesto.


Discussion is Welcome (but keep your head tightly screwed on)
What do you think of the recent election results? What are your expectations for the government (both BN & opposition) in the next 4 years?

7 thoughts on “Penang, Malaysia & More

  1. Politics – love to hear your point of view once in a while. I steer clear away from this subject too but I will voice my opinion if need be. Goes to show that we are not as mindless as they thought us to be πŸ™‚

  2. @charlenediane: will write about matters of head & heart – just so happens to be politically-related this time πŸ˜‰ keke. a nation of zombies? interesting…

  3. Steeevvveeeeeeeee!!!!!


    Hmmm, once again we have contradicting opinions.. I agree on the principle of voting for candidates instead of party, but it does look like the political tsunami indicated that most of the people voted for change (i.e. party irregardless of candidate) which I think is a shame. And this discussion can go on and on… πŸ˜›

    But wei, you are not Pantai Jerejak lah, you immigrant from Bayan Baru la dei! πŸ˜›

  4. @short stuff: ❀ contra opinions πŸ˜›

    change is change per se. and we all definitely need to keep moving forward – otherwise with the spinning earth, aren’t we actually falling behind?

    shhh. stop revealing my personal details online πŸ˜› – yes… bayan baru comes under pantai jerejak… somehow…

    ps. go kinabalu!!

  5. see, this is what i call a real analysis & review. Hey stev, we r getting your points very very clearly. Not even Ong Ka Ting is able to do that, haha~ At least, by reading your article, i know what’s your point & the reason why u choose some guy, & also your hope, clearly~ It’s been too long we never get a chance to sit down and sembang together liao. Wishing u all the best alwiz!

  6. @bb community: just my POV of things from a certain angle πŸ˜‰ anyway thats part of the point of blogs no? to entertain and/or discuss and/or share? a plan to meetup just to chat sounds good =)
    p.s. thanks for the mention in ur blog. the ceramah photo’s credit goes to tvsmith though of

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