A Focus on Focus

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The Multitasking Myth Dispelled
And then it came to be known that the average normal human being cannot actually multitask effectively with more than 2 low-level brain processes or 1 high-level brain process. Imagine it as a quad-core processor. If all your processors are focused fully on solving the one problem from different angles, the problem is solved faster. What more if the processes can share the same relevant info with one another. Compare that to 4 different processors doing 4 different things at the same time… Attending a meeting while replying emails & answering phone calls while jamming buttons on your blackberry is really (very) not productive…

Keep It Simple Stupid! Why beat around the bush or go around the world? Especially in communicating?! Make your point & keep it short & simple. Everything in life can work better with the KISS principle. Got email? Use your options – 1) Delete it 2) Reply immediately 3) Keep it in a specific location for archiving. The important thing is to not give up hope. Just simplify things, know your priorities, write down your list of tasks & get going!

One Thing at a Time
Time, experience & much money has proven & shown that it is almost always best practice to focus on a single thing at a time. Splitting up one’s high level focus too much would result in people being confused with the direction & vision. By all means, make a list. Discuss, brainstorm, debate, talk, whateveryouwannacallit. Know your priority, and get cracking!

What is your most immediate focus in work and/or life?

Unsubscribe the Friendster

3 4 5 UNCOUNTABLE TIMES UNSUBSCRIBING! C*nt! Let me unsubscribe!!
I don’t want to join the fangroup of Jacky Wang (who the ???? is that). I know fBook is kicking your ass but all you’re doing is making us feel like lodging a privacy complaint/deleting our friendster accounts

Note: The ‘C*nt’ above very obviously stands for ‘Cant’ as in the short for cannot
(e.g. We cant unsubscribe from Friendster as it’s spam sender is possessed by a demon)

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