Unsubscribe the Friendster

3 4 5 UNCOUNTABLE TIMES UNSUBSCRIBING! C*nt! Let me unsubscribe!!
I don’t want to join the fangroup of Jacky Wang (who the ???? is that). I know fBook is kicking your ass but all you’re doing is making us feel like lodging a privacy complaint/deleting our friendster accounts

Note: The ‘C*nt’ above very obviously stands for ‘Cant’ as in the short for cannot
(e.g. We cant unsubscribe from Friendster as it’s spam sender is possessed by a demon)

PS. Some site cleanup in progress. Do you have StevBlogs on your blogroll? Drop me a comment here so I (most likely if I like reading your site) can return the blink. Thanks! ~stev

8 thoughts on “Unsubscribe the Friendster

  1. o…kena spam by friendster~ this kind of things really happen arr? btw, i saw your blogroll “pattern” has been changed, luckily my blog still there, haha~ Thanks a lot!

  2. @stev: They probably love u… We the un-loved 1s are not getting spammed at all 😦 so depressing~ πŸ˜›

  3. @jem: come on fbook where zai & i will meet u there ^_^

    @bbcommunity: sadly yes
    mmm? just a bit of updates here & there. some housecleaning both online & offline πŸ˜‰

    @wsg: you are most welcome to take all the love away πŸ˜›

  4. when i get to the unsubscribe “Block Emails” page is sais: Block / Cancel… can’t press block, only cancel….. what kind of bul… is that ?

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