Time, Conscience & Retirement

Work remains busy yet fulfilling despite the interesting yet not totally unexpected challenges. This either means cynicism is catching up or that having a picture… a vision of the end really helps 🙂 In other random news, had recently finished watching Proposal Daisakusen & started playing Kingdom of Loathing

Photo Credit: Hawaii Sunset by ElphiesApprentice21

Something that we are each given 24hrs of – 7 days a week – 52 weeks a year. And how we spend this time translates into basically, our lives as we know it. As we all know of the amazing ability of time to speed up when we’re having fun & to slow down when we’re working or not having fun, the years continues to speed by. Thus we all have the freedom of choice on how we spend our time on our interests & loves.

Which in turn leads to conscience. By merely spending time as a member of human society, what we do, does have an effect on people around us. Depending on your world lense, some may applaud your actions, others may be indifferent & others will outright dislike you with a passion. Still, the bottom line remains that our own perception of ourselves, in other words ‘our conscience’ remains the key. Look back from the past, learn from other’s lessons, dream for the future, go out & get things done while keeping your conscience intact! =)

An interesting POV & topic arose of late with a relative celebrating his retirement (with his favorite draft of stout 😉 & then again while catching up with a teacher-turned-politician talking about life, the recent political hype to turn to blogs. Somehow the topic of retirement came up with his thoughts being that on average, we spend some ~20 years of life studying. And if we factor in the average life expectancy of being 70 (minus 10 for illness, breaking down parts, etc ;)) – we only have about 20 good years of life left. So how will you spend these 20 years? Will all 20 be spent working? Accumulating wealth? How much would you ‘spend’ while sacrificing health?

What is the best age for retirement & how would you spend the years upon reaching retirement?

9 thoughts on “Time, Conscience & Retirement

  1. Is there such a thing as best age? I think not. I shall not retire… I love what I’m doing. I will spend the years doing what I love. The day I retire is the day I say bye-bye to this lovely earth. 🙂

  2. Retirement from what?
    We retire from different things in life at a different age.
    For example: I’ve retired from jogging. I’ve decided to brisk walk instead. 😛

    We can never retire as long as we’re alive. There will always be something to do. We have to have something to do coz that’s the secret to being alive – mentally & physically.

    I don’t mind retiring from work right now. I believe that life is too short & there is so much more that I need to do like spending quality time with my loved ones especially my mum.

    I hope I’m making sense.
    My apologies if I’m not.


  3. The best age? Assuming the money is there to stay well during those years, when work becomes passionless. I teach, and I see many a teacher working beyond retirement age out of greed and destroying young minds in the process. It’s best to follow the heart rather than live without it.

  4. For every1 else; “The Earlier The Better” :p
    Then i get more business when every1 comes to see me for osteoporosis, arthritis n other sedentary lifestyle illnesses 😉

  5. @alice: photo-credits go to ElphiesApprentice21
    I like your viewpoint of ’til death do us retire’ 😉

    @jem: retirement as however we perceive it 😉 Still maybe you are right ‘good men & women don’t retire, they just switch to the next activity’ 😛

    @iammikel: keep up the Positive Mental Attitude! XD

    @sandy: following the heart & passion – that’s a good way to decide as well. mmm…

    @wsg: damn you doctors 😛

    @whatever: deep. very deep… 😉

    @cybercelt: good observations that. still personally i largely enjoy what I do but I know that I would want to semi-retire early to focus fully on doing the things that I want to do. fully. ^_^

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