Like VS Love

A rather whimsical (imho) post, spurred by a question from a couple of close friends while waiting to take a ride on a ferry (which itself was whimsical to do).

Photo Credit: love by ladybirdm

Is it when you find that you enjoy the person’s company? When there is much in common be it activities or things in life in general? When you genuinely admire parts of a person’s character? Does liking someone possibly bring forth the possibility… of something more?

Like VS Love
If like can be realized, then when does it become love? Or proclaimed as such? How does one describe the feeling. Or is it really a verb that one just decides upon? In those veins of thought, can you categorize love? Differentiate love?

Love & Beyond
Would seem to be looking beyond the everyday things which once appeared cute that get annoying really fast. That moves beyond boredom & jealousy into… something more. Comfortable but yet not boring. Moving at different speeds. Yet requiring time, attention & frequent deposits (and withdrawals). A matter of heart & yet very much the mind as well – often at the same time.

How would you differentiate like VS love? And is love a matter of mind or of the heart?

13 thoughts on “Like VS Love

  1. Good question, Stev. I have always thought as like as the more arbitrary and subjective of the two. You do or you don’t like somebody. In terms of romance, it’s a prerequisite to love. It would be a bit odd–and punishing–to invest in a relationship you don’t like. We know who we like and don’t like. How much time and effort and grace we will invest in our relationship with that person determines whether or not it is loving.

  2. ahem.

    the funny thing, all the so-called definitions and categories and sorts are all man made. but conditions change each moment. do you embrace it? jump into it or just keep mum? or pretend it never happened. or let it be until we all grow janggut and mati and nothing even changed. too late then?

    i wish i know what to do with my own situation.

    nice pic btw

  3. @sandy: very aptly put. mmm. i would agree that it’d be much easier to decide whether we generally like a person or otherwise. interesting that you put ‘grace’ as one of the parts being invested as well.

    @chao: (*chuckles*. you guy’s still going on about that?). so in your own past experiences, what were your most common choice of reaction?

  4. The love I felt for my first love is different than the love I held in my heart for first “grownup” love. Nothing compares to the love I feel in my maturity for my husband and we have been married only 4 years.

    I could not and cannot define “love’ to you at any point in my life. It just feels “right.”

    Have a great week. Thanks for the brain exercise. At my age, I need it. LOL

  5. wen u’d rather have bad times wt him/her than good times wt someone else….that’s love…u’ll know it wen it comes.
    dont get confused between infactuation and love tho’…there’s a fine thin line between the two…then agn, coming from one who just came out from a ‘love’…u can just take my views in passing πŸ™‚

  6. @cybercelt: mmm. yes mature love may be the best love of them all. and maybe you just defined love as being just “right” πŸ˜‰ ps. you are most welcome

    @beezee-bee: (busy bee working hard collecting nectar?) what you described reminds me of a song somehow πŸ˜› maybe if the infatuation lasts after seeing the person wake up the next morning or after a bad fight, that’s how you know it’s really love?

  7. I do agree with you that love and like are very different. I also believe that loving each other are very different from living together. Even a couple is in love for very long time, but soon they will breakup easily after they stay together.

  8. it doesnt matter if u like or love steline!! just jump her already :p err.. hem~ cough~*

    anyway.. Love = 99,999[(99 x Like) + intimacy + passion + 4(sacrifices) + devotion ]


  9. its a song from luther vandross!
    waking up & bad fight happens even wt anyone my dear…lemme ask u a question…wen ur sitting alone, listening to the voices in ur head, visualising how & wot ur future gonna be…who else is there in that vision? which one person keeps recurring in ur vision? did she make u smile or gives u the chill of good feeling? if u hv the answers to all of that…that’s LOVE!

  10. @stevengoh: nothing like seeing someone’s bad habits up close & personal as a wakeup call πŸ˜‰

    @wsg: you horny tea boy ;P

    @bzbee: ahh. thank you for the trivia πŸ˜‰ mmm. i like your description. unfortunately (or fortunately rather) no one comes to mind

    @neo: it’s all about the variables

  11. Amazing coincidence that you should be blogging exactly the question I’ve been wondering, ie. “If like can be realized, then when does it become love?”

    Have been hanging out with a guy for a while whom I know I’m rather fond of – I sound so blardy British! – but never thought I’d be attracted to him. His looks weren’t my type, his height & size weren’t my type… so not the sort of guy I’d go for.

    BUT, I know I like him more & more the more I hang out with him… and it feels a bit unfair to him when I am not entirely clear as to whether I only think of him as a friend or potential for something more.

    ANYWAY, that was pretty much my way of saying: Actually, I haven’t a clue either. Haha, sorry for wasting your time πŸ™‚

    For now, I think it’s probably turned to a bit more than regular friendship when I’m willing (and WANT) to spend a bit more time with the feller. Just us, if possible.

  12. @sheena: well those damn human chemicals do make people react in certain ways πŸ˜‰ well do go ahead & spent the time & who knows!

    maybe babies one day too πŸ˜›

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