Where are you right now? Not in your location, but where are you right now in your life. Are you heading towards your dreams? What actually really motivates you? Are you contented or is contentment really a poor man’s shirt?

Credit: Darlene Foster

Do you still crank up your brain juices? Are you mentally-prepared & ready to grow each & every day? How are you keeping yourself mentally-stimulated & awake?

With mind of course comes the body. Physically are you in good shape? Do you take care of your well-being? Getting enough rest, exercise, vitamins & smelling enough roses?

For although we all know by know that money comes way behind many other things & is not even the top 3 things in our life, money remains an enabler. Wealth remains a means towards fulfillment by giving us a valuable trade off into peace of mind, health, time & many other things.

Spiritual Wealth
Are you wealthy in every sense? Like the mind & body, wealth comes in both the greenbacks & also the unseen inner wealth. Call it inner peace, meditation, quiet time, prayer, etc – We all do need to find our own spiritual beings within ourselves.

For we are all social beings & all the wealth in the world has no meaning without family & friends to share it with. Do you have partner in life? Are you treating your partner right? Are you truly keeping in touch & connecting with the many people around you each day?

And like many things, there of course are limitations. Time itself can be either a great key to freedom or a locked cage confining us. How are you spending your time in the various 5 key areas above? Is there a good balance between all the key areas & also within each of these areas itself?

How would you define fulfillment?

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19 thoughts on “Fulfillment

  1. Mind: to be honest i m never truly awake :p

    Body: No T_T bloody books and exams keeping me occupied

    Wealth/spiritual Wealth: I m poor in every sense T_T sniff~* sniff~*

    People: Well i think i m doing alright :p Since my girl did praise me for being the nicest bf ever, especially after i appeared at her office wif a bouquet of flowers for our anniversery n went out for escargots after tat :p

    Time: Time suxx T_T its never enough when u need it….. and always too much when u dont need it… T_T

    Fulfillment: …to be continued :p

  2. stev… good time for you to contemplate as posted….!

    :p Happy birthday WSG Belanja Stev Makan Day

  3. @Chao: LOL well honestly if i pass my final exam i dont mind treating u guys n girls to something delicious~ :p BUT sadly i wont be back till november :p so in the mean time…. lets all drool together :p

  4. Mind: it’s almost 1am in the Philippines, bet I’m still awake. supposedly to review for the board but yeah, I’m blogging.

    Body: hoping to be fine.

    Wealth: can still catch a biscuit for my 4th meal

    People: i have a home to call my own.

    Time: difficult to manage

    Fulfillment: all of the above!

  5. I would define fulfillment as being at peace with the world around us and ourselves.

    I have a health challenge that is coloring my world at this time. It is affecting my mood and my relationships with others. I forget to be thankful and am frightened at times.

    Thank you for this post. It made me think and that is a good thing.

  6. @wsg: bouquet & escargots for your gal eh? your partner must be taking you’re the most romantic guy in the world πŸ˜‰

    @chao: i agree to the ‘wsg belanja stev day’ πŸ˜›

    @jo josue: kumusta! time can be of the simplest yet hardest to grasp. true that fulfillment is a combination of many factors.

    @sandy: peace, quiet & love. i like how you always summarize things up so very simple, clearly & distinctly.

    @cybercelt: it’s difficult to be at peace when we’re going through so much. yet the more important it is to have a sense of fulfillment & peace.

    @whatever: i would summarize it as knowing that everyday i’m at peace, not from the lack of doing anything or running away from problems, but from knowing that i’m heading towards my dreams in a sure & steady manner.

    @nellie: thanks! you are most welcome to share your thoughts as well with everyone πŸ™‚

  7. I think your answer is interesting.

    As for my answer, I don’t think fulfillment is something that I can achieve and still be me.

    If you’ve ever read Douglas Adams, then I subscribe to the notion that if I ever achieve fulfillment/lasting peace/etc., then my life will be replaced by something even more ridiculous.

  8. @whatever: there wont ever be anything everlasting (otherwise things would get boring real quick :P) So what would fulfillment turn you into? πŸ˜‰

    @beezee~bee: all about the community eh babe!

  9. I noticed your comment at Blue Panther’s and clicked over to look around. These are thought provoking questions to ponder … I’ll hold them in mind as I move through the day and perhaps return over the weekend to respond. I’ve recently begun participating in BYBS if you have time to visit.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. If I were fulfilled as I imagine it, I think I would be much less anxious and at peace. More able to see the world around me instead of being so inward-looking.

  11. fulfillment: getting the thing that we want?

    hey, y u closed down the loveire? i just want to find u to talk about that, have been thinking to sell it online~

  12. @whatever: mmm. so why not look outwards more? chicken & egg? =)

    @bzb: all about the details then eh?
    (o/t: neats. ping me aite)

    @bbcommunity: simple yet true definition isn’t it that we are all motivated to get what we want. hmm.
    (o/t: yups had closed down loveire. still am open for discussion if it’s you)

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